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We accompany your business across the whole lifecycle. From your incorporation to employee participation plans, convertible loans and financing rounds, day-to-day contracts until your exit and beyond.  

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Meet your experts for tech, fintech and digital businesses. We’re here to support – whether you’re planning a complex fintech venture, need a custom software licensing agreement, work with data as a business asset or operate in a heavily regulated landscape. 

  • Through the recommendation of another startup founder, we came across LEXR. Michele and the corporate team guided us through the entire process of the funding round. When we write an email, we receive a reply in no time, and time is taken to explain legally complex issues in a simple and understandable way.

    Reto WälchliCo-Founder & CEO, Alpine White
  • The cooperation was very good and I can already predict that we will approach LEXR again. We had a good feeling right from the start. This was then confirmed throughout the entire process. We had the feeling that LEXR was part of the deskbird team.

    Ivan CossuCo-Founder & CEO, deskbird
  • In terms of service, everything was top notch. I also find "pragmatic" an important keyword to mention. In my opinion, this is also what distinguishes LEXR - that they are looking for a fast and direct approach.

    Lars SagerCo-Founder & CEO, contactify
  • The financing round was highly professional. The advice was tailored to our case, everything was transparent and without hidden costs. We felt very comfortable and are now also doing the next round with LEXR.

    Julian MünzelCo-Founder & CEO, Regli Energy Systems
  • Our collaboration with LEXR has been really close-knit. LEXR has proven to be an invaluable asset to startups like ours—agile, flexible, and swift in their operations, all while maintaining a high standard of quality. We rely on LEXR a lot, particularly for our commercial contracts, and have consistently found their services to be efficient and effective.

    Paulina GrnarovaCo-Founder & CEO, DeepJudge
  • LEXR handled everything for us - from the founding of the company to licence agreements, service agreements and other contracts. Thomas and his team have always been very responsive. I usually had feedback within 2-3 days and was able to sit down with the client’s legal department very quickly.

    Karim SalehFounder & CEO, Cerrion


Get to grips with the most important legal topics for tech, fintech and digital companies. With data-based insights, real-world examples and actionable advice. 

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