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Our areas of expertise

SaaS & other cloud-based services

Legal aspects relating to Software-as-a-Service, other cloud-based services and generally software are a core expertise of LEXR. Whether you provide B2B or B2C services, whether you have an end-user facing brand or white-label your solution – we are familiar with your business model and the resulting legal questions.  Our experts advise on intellectual property or data protection matters and take care of the appropriate contractual framework – whether you need a Master Service Agreement, Terms & Conditions or a Service Level Agreement. 

Software Development, Consulting & Other Services:

We advise on all matters concerning Software Development, Consulting, or other professional IT services. Our experts consult on licensing questions and copyright, know how to reflect agile software development techniques contractually and can help you protect your core assets – data and know-how. 

Free and Open Source Solutions

License compliance is the key concern when it comes to the use of free and open-source software or applications. LEXR helps you with auditing your software stack for any unwanted elements and can advise you on the best strategy when it comes to open source licenses like the MIT-license, GNU-GPL, Mozilla or Apache.  

Industry-specific products

Licensing agreements

Our IP experts support you during the whole licensing process – from the first draft of the term sheet to the final license agreement.

Software stack & license audit

We help you analyze your assets, review licensing and other arrangements and make sure you have all necessary rights so you can demonstrate credibility and compliance to your investors, business partners, and customers.

Day-to-day legal partner

It doesn’t matter if you need a simple Service Level Agreement or complex Master Service Agreement, we’re here to assist you with any legal problem you may encounter. We offer a variety of plans so you can choose the one that fits your needs

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