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How to expand to Germany & the EU from a legal perspective

How to expand to Germany & the EU – Learn from the LEXR experts in Berlin what you need to know and do before you take the leap.

When: 30 March 2023, 1 pm

Where: Online

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Contract management is cash flow management

Be it in sales, procurement or HR, bad contract management costs a lot of money, either by slowing the closing process or by costly terminations. Learn from our experts on how to make legal work for you. 

When: 6 April 2023, 1 pm

Where: Online

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All you need to know to get your equity split right

Concerns are inevitable whenever there is a discussion about splitting money, and this includes deciding how to distribute equity among co-founders when starting a business. In this session, you will gain insights on choosing the right and fair equity allocation for your team and how to implement it legally.

When: 12 April 2023, 5 pm

Where: Online

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