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Contracting party and service providers 

This website and all technical services such as free contract generators are provided under these terms by LEXR Tech AG, Penasch sot 14, 7078 Lenzerheide, Switzerland (“LEXR Tech“). 

All legal services are provided under these terms by independent local law firms (each a “Local Law Firm“). Unless specified otherwise, the Local Law Firm which sends you an offer for specific services is your contracting party. If you work in multiple jurisdictions, we will inform you whether you either (i) enter into a contract with each Local Law Firm for their respective scope of work, or (ii) your main Local Law Firm sub-contracts to another Local Law Firm. Please see the legal notice for all details regarding the Local Law Firms in the different locations. 

Financial services are provided under these terms by LEXR Finance GmbH, Talstrasse 71, 7250 Klosters, Switzerland (“LEXR Finance“), a 100% subsidiary of LEXR Tech and a member of the self-regulatory organization VQF in Zug for compliance with anti-money laundering laws. 

Services and fees 

We offer our services in line with our core value proposition – expert-know-how, fast delivery and transparent pricing. Before we start any work, we will confirm both the scope of our work and the applicable fees with you via e-mail. We may sub-contract all or parts of our services to other Local Law Firms and/or other third parties. 

In case of extraordinary inflation (>5% p.a.) measured in terms of the consumer price index in the country of your Local Law Firm, we may increase the agreed fees and hourly rates for existing mandates (e.g., for our subscriptions, hourly packages or flat-fees), but only to the extent such agreed service has not been provided yet. We will inform you about any such increase with 10 days’ prior notice 

Flat fees and packages are invoiced in advance, hourly work is invoiced monthly. Our invoices are payable without set-off within 20 days. Late payments are subject to an interest rate of 5% above the official interest rate in the country of the Local Law Firm that sent you the invoice. You agree to receiving digital invoices and waive any right to receiving written invoices. 

Just note that our fees do not include VAT. Also, authority or third-party expenses (such as a notary or commercial registry fees) might incur when we do our work – such expenses are also not included. We do our best to always give you an estimate of any expenses beforehand. 

To simplify the invoicing process for you, invoices may be sent by a third party service provider and, subject to local restrictions, your contracting party may assign any claims to third parties for this purpose. 

Any technical services, such as free contract generators and other software services, are provided by LEXR Tech as is and as available without any warranty that the services are error-free or fit for your specific purpose. 

Do’s and dont’s 


Use any of our work for the intended business purpose, but not beyond (we retain all copyrights and other intellectual property rights related to our work). 

Provide us with all relevant and accurate information and keep us posted in case anything changes. 

Give us feedback! We love to hear from customers so that we can continuously improve our services. 


Re-sell, commercialize or give away our work. 

Directly employ or work with any of our employees or freelancers until 12 months after our collaboration. If you wish to do so regardless, this comes with a fee equal to one-third of the annual fees or salary that you pay to the respective person. 

Liability, confidentiality and privacy 

The applicable contracting party is liable to you only for direct damages caused by the actions of the contracting party and up to the amount of the fees paid in the last 12 months prior to the damaging event. We are not liable for any third parties such as notaries or other experts retained for the service delivery with your consent. Where a limitation of liability is not permitted by applicable law – such as for willful misconduct or gross negligence – the liability is unlimited. 

Each Local Law Firm maintains a professional liability insurance in line with local requirements with a coverage of at least CHF/EUR 1 million. 

The Local Law Firms treat your confidential information in line with attorney secrecy laws. The Local Law Firms provide other Local Law Firms, LEXR Tech, LEXR Finance and/or other third party service providers your information solely on a need-to-know basis (e.g., for accounting purposes) and in line with applicable attorney secrecy laws. LEXR Tech and LEXR Finance also treat your information in line with professional secrecy standards, but are not subject to the client-attorney privilege directly. 

We process your personal data in accordance with our privacy policy. 

Termination and law 

You can terminate our professional relationship by email at any time. In this case, you will simply have to pay us for any incurred expenses and work we have done so far. We will continue to protect your confidential information after termination. 

The law in which the respective contracting party resides is applicable, with the seat of the contracting party having exclusive jurisdiction. 

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