We offer flexible and transparent pricing models for startups, scaleups & enterprises.


Our startup offering has startup budgets in mind, offering you high-quality legal guidance without the financial strain. As a pre-Series A startup, you’ll benefit from:

Special startup flat fees: With our flat fee packages tailored to startups, you get the insights of our top legal experts based on years of experience as well as best practice documents for hyper competitive prices so that you can start safe, fast, and lean.

20% bonus on hourly packages: For hourly work, you get a 20% bonus for our standard hourly packages that you pay in advance.


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Scaleups & Enterprises

For businesses scaling beyond Series A and established enterprises, our legal services evolve with your needs. Experience our comprehensive support:

Expertise across the board: Whether it’s regulatory advice, M&A transactions, IP strategy, or complex contracts, our team brings a wealth of expertise to scaleup and enterprise challenges.

Transparent upfront pricing: With our clear and upfront pricing, you can plan ahead and invest in legal services with certainty, free from the concern of hidden costs. 

Tailored solutions: We understand that scaleups and enterprises have unique needs. Trust our experienced tech lawyers to tackle your complex legal issues with tailored, effective strategies that perfectly fit your business. 

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