Webshops, Platforms and E-Commerce

We help platform, webshop & other e-commerce companies with strategic legal advice & implementation from the set-up of their venture to a professional contractual framework. Our experts advice on IP usage and protection, data privacy, payment compliance and other applicable laws in the industry.  

Our areas of expertise


Selling products online enables companies to reach a wide customer base but means in turn that the legal landscape is more complex than when selling offline. We help webshops with legal topics from drafting purchase terms & conditions or shipping and return policies, advice on data protection and marketing regulations and help with compliance in the payment process.


Not only platform giants such as Uber or Airbnb often are faced with complex legal regulations. Our experts provide you with pragmatic advice and concrete action steps, so that your project can be implemented seamlessly


We assist both B2B and B2C e-commerce businesses. Our experts advice on a variety of topics: from data protection compliance to the correct use of trademarks or other brand elements, and from specific consumer protection regulations to contractual questions surrounding complex business models such as drop-shipping.

What we offer

Regulatory workshop

We help you assess the impact of existing regulation on your business. With all our relevant experts and your key stakeholders in one workshop you’ll get the answers to your open questions and a tailored strategy and applicable next steps as efficiently as possible. 

Contracts & IP

We help you with the legal aspects of commercialization, distribution and marketing such as end user terms, supplier agreements or the appropriate protection of your brand.

Ongoing legal support

Our experts help you negotiating agreements with your partners, review supplier terms and advice on day-to-day data protection or marketing-related questions.

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