Data & Artificial Intelligence

With AI technology expanding, the number of applicable regulations and legal obligations also rises. We help AI & data companies with anything from regulatory and data protection questions through protecting intellectual property to the contractual framework. 

Our areas of expertise

Data Sharing & Data Strategy 

Data is a core asset, and a solid data strategy is essential not only for a compliant business operation but also for winning the trust of customers and business partners. A good data strategy may help you close deals or during fundraising. 

Machine Learning & Data Mining 

The development and training of algorithms require enormous amounts of data. Timely addressing compliance and intellectual property aspects can save you both time and money. 

Facial Recognition & Biometrics 

Most biometrics technology applications require sensitive personal data processing. Being considered quite invasive to people’s privacy, the security aspects should be addressed properly. Our experts can help you conduct all necessary assessments, set a good strategy, and prepare a contractual framework. 

Artificial Intelligence Act 

With the EU’s Artificial Intelligence Act on the horizon, we help companies conduct the initial assessment and prepare and implement the necessary policies and procedures. 

What we offer

Data Strategy & Compliance by design workshop

In a two hours workshop, our team will assess your current data use and acquisition strategy, both from the legislative and contractual perspective, and help you improve it to fit your business model. 

AI Act Compliance workshop

To avoid later increased costs or interruptions in your business, we can help you evaluate the potential impact of this new regulation and implement a strategy addressing any discovered compliance issue.

Day-to-day legal support

From data licensing over data exchange to data assignment agreements, we assist you in the agreement drafting and negotiations to ensure you can use the data for the intended purposes. Explore the option of getting a designated inhouse counsel or check out our flat fees and monthly packages.

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