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Forget stiff legal offices. Working with LEXR means being part of a modern, motivated and inclusive team.


At LEXR, we do things a little differently. Here are the top reasons our people love being part of the LEXR team.

  • 1
    Be part of the future of legal

    Not only will you be working with some of the most exciting businesses and startups out there, but you’ll play a key role in a legal transformation story that puts meaningful work, a progressive culture, and modern processes before profit.

  • 2
    Become an entrepreneur

    We don’t believe in micro management. Every LEXR team member is encouraged to take ownership over their work, bring in their own ideas, and make positive change.

  • 3
    Become better at what you do

    A career is all about continuously striving to learn, grow, and get better. We invest in our people with regular training sessions and courses that encourage them to thrive.

  • 4
    Be flexible

    We know how important life-work balance is, which is why we’ve encouraged flexible and remote working from day one.

  • 5
    Become a team member

    When you join LEXR, you become part of a driven, self-motivated, stimulating and welcoming team that works together to achieve amazing things.

How we hire

Our legal services are based on transparency and respect, so why shouldn’t our hiring process be too?
Hiring is a mutual process, which is why we give you a real insight into our values, culture, and how we work from the off. Remember, you’re interviewing us as well.

Master the basics

Legal work requires diligence, logical thinking and verbal reasoning skills. To test these basics, every candidate that matches the profiles we’re looking for completes a quick online test.

Getting to know each other

Chat with your potential team head, plus a LEXR team member to find our whether the role and environment fits to you and the future you envision for yourself.

Show us what you can do

Complete a written and oral sample work challenge and show us how you work.


Shortly after completing our hiring steps we’ll let you know whether you get an offer to become part of the team!


There are currently no vacancies.

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