Hardware & Industrial Goods

We help innovators that shape today’s and tomorrow’s industry to balance legal and regulatory considerations with their business goals. Deeptech companies have substantial disruption potential, are IP rich and R&D heavy in nature. Whether you’re in robotics & high precision, drones & transport, or an IT hardware or semiconductor company, we will help you navigate your legal landscape.  

Our areas of expertise

Robotics & High Precision

Robotics and high precision tools bring speed and accuracy for production but also new legal questions. We help with addressing liability and risk coverage, and solve questions on intellectual property and data protection 

Drones & Transportation

The challenges of a modern society require new forms of mobility. We advise on the regulatory landscape of your product, assist with finding the best protection for your technology & knowhow and help you drive your commercialisation by setting up an efficient contractual framework. 

Hardware and Semiconductors

During your R&D and growth stage, we help you with fundraising and protecting you IP. Additionally, we help manufacturing companies with regulatory and contractual topics along the whole supply chain and in sales  

What we offer

Regulatory workshop

We help you assess the impact of the regulatory framework on your business. With all our relevant experts and your key stakeholders in one workshop you’ll get the answers to your open questions and a tailored strategy and applicable next steps as efficiently as possible. 

Contracts & Licensing

We support with negotiating strategic partnership agreements, development contracts, and distribution agreements. During the whole process, we ensure that your company’s core technology enjoys the strongest possible protection.

Continuous support or hourly services

From NDAs in the R&D stage to complex negotiations with core suppliers and customer, we assist you at every step with our hourly services, custom flat fees or monthly packages. 

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