About Us

Thank you

Since our start in 2016, we have achieved more than we had thought possible: With well over 500 customers served and already more than 30 experts in four offices across two countries, we are certainly one of the fastest growing law firms. In order to do this, we focus relentlessly on two things: Our customers and our people. Thank you for believing in us and for sticking with us – this would not have been possible without you. We will continue to work hard to be the best possible LEXR we can be. On this page, we let you know what we believe in and how we hope to continue our success, which we define by the success of our customers and our people. 

Our two core missions 

We started LEXR in 2016 with two core missions:  

Our customer success saves the planet

We believe humanity’s biggest challenges can and will be solved by innovation. Our first mission is therefore to remove legal barriers for the entrepreneurs and innovators out there tackling problems big and small.  

Happy people, happy customers

We believe providing legal services has the potential to be a very rewarding profession, simply by virtue of helping talented people achieve their goals. Our second mission is therefore to create an environment in which talented people thrive, and remove all the needless frustrations that make too many corporate lawyers miserable.  

These two core missions inspire our vision for the future of legal services.

Our vision for legal services 

Our vision is that building the legal infrastructure of a global tech company is as easy as building the IT infrastructure for an app: A set of legal standards that works globally, customizable to your needs by the click of a button, with standard protocols for the interaction, contracting and dispute resolution between companies. All this is supported by a global network of experts that are passionate about innovation and that love to help entrepreneurs overcoming legal challenges.  

Every day is a step in the direction to this vision, and we have defined the following promises to our customers and to our people as guiding principles to get us there.

Our promises to you, our customers 

As in our advice, we want to be as specific as possible when it comes to our values. Based on the key ingredients of trust, integrity, long-term focus, innovation, transparency and a growth mindset, we defined the following specific promises we make to you, our customers:  

We don’t sell anything you do not need

There is an inherent information asymmetry between legal experts and their customers, which unfortunately is too often abused to sell things you do not need. Expect us to tell you the truth about what you really need, and what not.

You receive reliable, actionable & fast advice that is easy to implement

We know you have a million other more important things to do. Expect our experts to distill the legal steps down to the essence to make it as easy as possible for you to implement and focus again on growing your business.

Transparent pricing

We optimize our pricing to give you planning certainty for your legal budget and avoid any unpleasant surprises. Also, expect the price you pay to be the best price any customer receives for the same scope of work.

We love your feedback

We want to always learn more and get better. The best way is with your honest feedback. Please do not hold back – we will encourage, listen and act.

Community service

Innovation can thrive best in a functioning society and healthy ecosystem. We help in two ways, (i) by providing free support to tech innovators through free contract generators, guides, seminars and free calls, and (ii) by fighting against laws that entrench the status quo, and for laws that let innovation prosper.

Fair dealings

Business is all about long-term relationships and reputation. We negotiate hard for your cause, and will create and obtain value wherever possible. We will however not damage your long-term bottom line (and ours) by using bad faith and tricks.

Our promises to you, our people 

Work is an integral part of identity: Ask anyone who she/he is and most people will respond with their profession. It is crucial that you get this core component of your life right, and our credo is therefore ‘life first’. This means your work should be a positive part of your life, not something you need to balance with life. Specifically:  

Find your intrinsic motivation

If you do not like what you’re doing, stop doing it. Especially new-joiners starting their career often want to first figure out where their passion and talents really lie. We give our people room to tinker and try out different roles, from various legal fields to marketing, tech or operational tasks, to find where their life goals and work roles best align.  

Focus on growth

In a fast-growing organization, you have the opportunity to quickly grow with us and take on responsibility early on, all while having the full support of a team to fall back on. We do not assign blame for failure, but seek to learn from it. We encourage trial & error, open feedback and curiosity. We encourage taking time off so that you personal growth matches your professional growth.  

Independence & flexibility

Everyone has different life circumstances and preferences, from taking care of children to surfing the world. Work should not stand in the way of this and enable sufficient time for your private passions as well as family & friends. We therefore provide as much independence as possible to cater to your specific life design, with two core features, (i) location independence / remote first: you can work from anywhere, and (ii) time independence: there is only one fixed meeting per week, the rest you can arrange as suits your schedule 

Build vs. Bill

Our incentives encourage building value that lasts vs. selling your time. This means standardizing, creating templates and automation is rewarded for long-term value so you do not have to sell the hours of your life for the rest of your life 

Fair pay

Everyone needs sufficient cash to support their lifestyles and we pay in the top 25% salary range for your comparable roles.  

Team play

LEXR is not an accumulation of individual star lawyers – we are an ecosystem of talents, technology and processes that work together to provide consistent high-quality value work to our customers. We breed no stars, there is no single point of failure. Together we deliver.