Intellectual Property

Strategy, Protection & Enforcement

Protect your work, knowhow & brand 

IP provides a competitive advantage, gives you the freedom to operate, or allows you to monetize your brand’s reputation. To benefit as much as possible from your IP, you need a strategy on how to utilize it, measures to protect it, and IP management to enforce your rights where necessary.

IP Strategy 

We help you identify your key intellectual property, be it copyrighted works, data, patentable inventions, trademarks, or superior know-how.  

Together with your team, we develop a tailored strategy, bespoke to the needs of your business. 

IP Protection 

Our IP experts register your trademarks and assist you with the protection of your works, inventions, and internal know-how 

To defend your rights, we assist with internal security measures, provide state-of-the-art monitoring services and take direct action against infringers.  

IP Management 

We manage your IP portfolio as well as your contractual relations or assist your team with additional IP know-how. 

We keep track of your registered rights, make sure that your internal IP guidelines are up to date, and assist in negotiations with research partners & universities. 

The LEXR legal experts understood our data-driven business model immediately and proved critical with their know-how and fast response times in important contract negotiations.

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All IP packages at a glance

IP Strategy

Trademark Services

Other IP Services: Copyrights, Patents, Data & Know-how

The guide to understanding and protecting your company’s IP

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Understanding what IP is and why it is so important to protect it

How to strategically identify, plan, budget and protect your IP

The most important elements and key terms to include in contracts when it comes to IP protection

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Your legal experts

  • 1
    Thomas Kuster

    Thomas focuses on intellectual property protection and tech contract law. He advises clients on strategies for the protection of their trademarks, data, inventions, and know-how as well as on various legal matters concerning technology. 

    Before starting at LEXR, Thomas worked in leading law firms in Switzerland and Denmark where he gained extensive experience in his fields of practice and broad knowledge of Swiss and European law. 

  • 2
    Christian Meisser

    Christian has advised tech companies and regulated industries on intellectual property matters since 2013 working at international law firms in Zurich and London. Since then, he negotiated countless licensing agreements and advised many businesses on how to protect their data, know-how, trademarks, patents, software, and intellectual property rights. 

    Besides intellectual property, Christian has broad expertise in all matters relevant for tech companies, from financing rounds to financial market regulation and HR matters.  

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