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Copyrights, Patents, Data & Know-How

In many sectors and especially for technology firms, your most valuable assets are the creative works, inventions, and the collective knowledge of your employees. There are various ways to protect those assets, some can be registered as patents, others are protected by copyright or contractual limitations of your partners, and sometimes it is best to keep knowledge as secret as possible. 

We help you to protect your intellectual property, be it copyrighted works, data, designs, patentable inventions, or superior know-how.  


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Other IP services include

Workshops and consulting 

We offer training and workshops in many shapes and forms. We analyze your company’s trade secret management, train your employees on how to deal with internal inventions, and consult on all intellectual property issues your business faces 

Based on a thorough assessment and together with your key personnel, we develop and implement tailored internal guidelines to keep your company’s intellectual property safe or license your valuable data or software in the right way.


From NDAs to know-how transfer agreements, from co-existence agreements to research and development contracts, our experts will provide you with all the necessary paperwork to best protect your intellectual property. Be it copyrighted software, invaluable datasets, or general know-how, we will tailor a comprehensive offer that meets your needs.

Patent services 

We consult on general patent topics and draft all necessary agreements your business needs. From negotiating R&D partnerships to the drafting of licensing agreements, we help you to manage your relationship with universities and industry partners. Together with external patent attorneys especially selected because of their technical know-how in your field of business, we research your invention‘s patentabilityregister your patents and monitor your portfolio or one of your competitors. 

Fee options

Wherever possible, we provide flat-fee quotes for full transparency. However, every complex intellectual property project is different. To tackle complex cases, we also work with hourly packages. In our competitive hourly packages, hourly rates are significantly reduced. Regular updates on remaining hours give you full cost control and transparency. Our most popular packages for custom IP services are:

10h package for CHF 3’000 (excl. VAT)

Our top hourly rate (partner) is reduced to CHF 300 (from CHF 425). Hours do not lapse and can be used for advice in all legal areas.

20h package for CHF 5’500 (excl. VAT)

Our top hourly rate (partner) is reduced to CHF 275 (from CHF 425). Hours do not lapse and can be used for advice in all legal areas.

Your intellectual property experts

  • 1
    Thomas Kuster

    Thomas focuses on intellectual property protection and tech contract law. He advises clients on strategies for the protection of their trademarks, data, inventions, and know-how as well as on various legal matters concerning technology. 

    Before starting at LEXR, Thomas worked in leading law firms in Switzerland and Denmark where he gained extensive experience in his fields of practice and broad knowledge of Swiss and European law. 

  • 2
    Christian Meisser

    Christian has advised tech companies and regulated industries on data privacy since 2013, working at international law firms in Zurich and London. Since then, he advised countless data-driven businesses on how to use data as a business asset and build a compliant data privacy governance.

    Besides building deep privacy expertise working with customers in Switzerland and Europe, Christian published articles and regularly holds workshops and trainings on data protection for businesses.

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