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Research, Registration, Monitoring & Action

We help you research, protect & enforce your trademark

A trademark is one of the most valuable assets of a company. It embodies the values and the reputation of your products or services, guarantees the freedom to operate under a certain brand, and can be used to fight off freeloaders & copycatsBut there’s more: It can generate income through licensing or even be sold for profit.

Our trademark packages

Trademark research

To avoid costly mistakes in the branding process of your company or new product/service brand.

CHF 300 (excl. VAT)

Price for the research of one trademark in up to 3 Classes in Switzerland, contact us for a flat fee tailored to your request.

Similarity research for a Swiss word mark.

Comprehensive report on similar trademarks and potential registration obstacles.

Trademark registration 

Protect your brand and create a valuable, tradeable asset.

CHF 700 (excl. VAT & official fees)

Price for the registration of one trademark in Switzerlandcontact us for a flat fee tailored to your requeste.g. for registration in the EU or the US. 

Report on the trademark chances and possible obstacles (If you decide that you don’t want to progress with the registration after the report results we you will get a 50% refund).

Drawing up the list of goods and services after consultation with you.

Registration of the trademark with the Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI). 

Representation: We will act as your registered representatives at the IPI and ensure that no deadlines are missed.  

Trademark monitoring 

Defend your trademark, get aware of potential conflicts and stay ahead of the competition.

CHF 1’000 per year (excl. VAT)

Price for the monitoring of one trademark in up to 3 Classes for Switzerland & the EU (incl. national EU-27 registries). Contact us for a flat fee tailored to your request.

12 monthly monitoring reports on relevant trademark registrations (automated).

Review of the report by our experts incl. risk assessment. 

If necessary to protect your trademarks, concrete suggestion on further steps (e.g. infringement letter).

Trademark infringement first response  

Did someone infringe your trademark? Did the Trademark Monitoring show a problematic new registration? Send a quick and cost-efficient first response.

CHF 500 (excl. VAT)

Tailored infringement letter with basic reasoning why a third party’s trademark registration/brand infringes your rights.

First proposal of a coexistence agreement to prevent a reduction of the scope of protection of your trademark.


Your legal experts

  • 1
    Thomas Kuster

    Thomas focuses on intellectual property protection and tech contract law. He advises clients on strategies for the protection of their trademarks, data, inventions, and know-how as well as on various legal matters concerning technology. 

    Before starting at LEXR, Thomas worked in leading law firms in Switzerland and Denmark where he gained extensive experience in his fields of practice and broad knowledge of Swiss and European law. 

  • 2
    Christian Meisser

    Christian has advised tech companies and regulated industries on data privacy since 2013, working at international law firms in Zurich and London. Since then, he advised countless data-driven businesses on how to use data as a business asset and build a compliant data privacy governance.

    Besides building deep privacy expertise working with customers in Switzerland and Europe, Christian published articles and regularly holds workshops and trainings on data protection for businesses.

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