Financing Round Legal Services

Planning a financing round?

We’re your partner on the path to funding, guiding you through every phase, including due diligence, structuring the transaction, negotiations, documentation, and, ultimately, sealing the deal.

Your funding journey, empowered.

Guided expertise

Benefit from our step-by-step guidance, leveraging our experience in structuring, negotiating, and closing financing rounds.

Due diligence readiness

By ensuring your business is well-prepared and supported legally, we enhance its appeal to investors, increasing the likelihood of securing a higher valuation and more favorable terms.

Strategic negotiations

Our packages include negotiation support, with experts dedicated to securing the best terms for your funding.

Custom legal framework

Receive personalized legal documents and advice, based on proven templates for speed and quality, tailored to your unique needs.

Discover success stories

Learn from those who’ve thrived with LEXR

Financing round package

What’s included?

Initial kick-off call to discuss the term sheet, general deal structure, key deal variables, strategy and implications for the company, as well as the analytics and potential projections of your cap table

Drafting of the needed agreements (shareholder agreement and investment agreement)

Legal expert session for review, discussions, and adjustments

Negotiation support including basic investor questions and supporting the signing process

E-signature set-up and collection of signatures

Closing including the preparation of all corporate actions to close the round and a closing checklist

What’s subject to additional work?

For advanced financing stages, like Series A and B, negotiation complexities often increase. Our legal experts excel in ensuring you secure the best terms, offering tailored negotiation support. Given the varied nature of such discussions, we provide this service on an hourly basis, with complete transparency in tracking to keep you informed about your legal expenses at all times.

Flat fee package pricing

From CHF 6’500 (excl. VAT and notary fees)

Add-on services

Legal due diligence

We work with you and your team for a half or a full-day session to identify any red flags before the investors do and tell you what’s needed to close any gaps.

  • Half Day CHF 900
  • Full Day CHF 1'700

Term sheet negotiations

Get a legal expert to review and negotiate your term sheet to get the best deal for your startup.

  • Upfront quote and competitive hourly packages POA

Other needs and tailored support

GmbH to AG conversion

Convertible loans


Any other corporate needs

  • Upfront quote and hourly packages POA

Other startup financing services

Investor and VC/PE services

Do you regularly invest in startups and high-growth companies? We help angels, seed investors and venture capital/private equity firms with all legal aspects of funding rounds. From NDAs and legal due diligence to signing and closing, our experts provide you with fast and pragmatic legal support for safe and sound investments. There are many ways we can work together:

  • Streamline the investment process with us. Together, we build a set of standards for your investments and then help to execute the transaction. Fast.
  • Get advice on specific rounds and a review and negotiation of legal documents.
  • Advice on Convertible Notes, ESOP/PSOP etc.
  • Ready to find out more? Contact us!
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About us

We’re a growing team of 30+ legal professionals. Some of our experts include:

  • 1

    Michele is focused on corporate and commercial law and has a strong background in M&A transactions. At LEXR he advises Swiss and international founders, start-ups, and investors – from incorporation to the first investment rounds, risk financing, complex business transactions, and exits. 

    Michele Vitali, Head of Startup Financing & Venture Capital, Legal Expert 

  • 2

    Jana uses her expertise in corporate and commercial law to assist founders and investors with incorporation, financing, and exit strategies. Her experience as a startup founder prior to joining LEXR uniquely positions her to understand and effectively address clients’ challenges. 

    Jana Huwyler, Legal Counsel 

  • 3

    Flurin assists companies in regulatory and corporate matters, focusing on issues in Blockchain, DLT, Digital Assets, and FinTech. He particularly supports businesses in tokenizing their shares. 

    Flurin Albonico, Junior Legal Counsel 

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