Ready to set-up your convertible loan in Switzerland?

Secure your startup’s next phase with our proven 5 step process and transparent prices.

  • Annual capital sum

    The capital sum ranges from CHF 500,000 to CHF 1 million per customer, totalling up to CHF 20 million per year.

  • Turnaround

    Time is money, and we save you both. Fast-track your growth with our 48-hour turnaround.

  • Follow-up funding success rate

    The percentage of cases in which successful follow-up financing took place after a convertible loan is 90%.

Hear it from our happy clients

  • The cooperation was very good and I can already predict that we will approach LEXR again. We had a good feeling right from the start. This was then confirmed throughout the entire process. We had the feeling that LEXR was part of the deskbird team.

    Ivan CossuCo-Founder & CEO, deskbird
  • Through the recommendation of another startup founder, we came across LEXR. Michele and the corporate team guided us through the entire process of the funding round. When we write an email, we receive a reply in no time, and time is taken to explain legally complex issues in a simple and understandable way.

    Reto WälchliCo-Founder & CEO, Alpine White
  • In terms of service, everything was top notch. I also find "pragmatic" an important keyword to mention. In my opinion, this is also what distinguishes LEXR - that they are looking for a fast and direct approach.

    Lars SagerCo-Founder & CEO, contactify
  • The financing round was highly professional. The advice was tailored to our case, everything was transparent and without hidden costs. We felt very comfortable and are now also doing the next round with LEXR.

    Julian MünzelCo-Founder & CEO, Regli Energy Systems

The benefits of doing your convertible loan with us

Tailored legal expertise

Benefit from our specialized knowledge in tech, fintech, and digital industries. Our expertise ensures that your convertible loan agreements are perfectly aligned with your business needs and industry standards.

Transparent and predictable costs

Enjoy peace of mind with our flat fee packages. Our transparent pricing allows you to plan your budget without unexpected costs, ensuring financial predictability and clarity.

Fast and efficient service

Save time with our agile processes. Using productivity tools and contract automation, we provide fast, reliable service to help you set up your convertible loan with minimal time invested.

Convertible loan process

Five key steps to fuel your funding, tailored to your startup’s unique journey. From the initial strategy to the final signature, we’re with you at every milestone.

  1. 1
    Kick-off call

    We begin with a call to discuss your business model, strategy, and future goals, setting the terms for your convertible loan agreement.

  2. 2
    Contract drafting

    Following our initial discussion, we tailor a convertible loan agreement and prepare for a detailed review with your team.

  3. 3
    Expert session

    In a session with your team and our legal experts, we review the draft, address questions, and explore adjustments, utilizing a loan calculator for different scenarios.

  4. 4
    Final document

    We finalize your convertible loan agreement by incorporating agreed changes and addressing any remaining questions.

  5. 5
    Signature collection

    The final step includes implementing a digital process for collecting signatures efficiently, ensuring swift completion of your convertible loan round.

Convertible loan flat fee package

The value

Leverage our best-in-class template, shaped by countless startup successes. Gain exclusive insights and strategic advice to propel your venture.

The timing

Fast-track your growth with our 48-hour turnaround. Time is money, and we save you both.

The price

Transparent and straightforward: CHF 2’000 (excl. VAT) for peace of mind.

What’s included

Initial kick-off call to define key parameters aligned to your company’s strategic direction

Drafting of your personalized convertible loan agreement

Legal expert session in which we explain the agreement in detail and answer all your open questions

Delivery of the final agreement with adjustments discussed in the expert session

E-signature set-up and collection of signatures

What’s not included

Looking for more? Investor negotiations and tax rulings are available upon request.

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LEXR is an amazing team, certainly one of the best law firm I’ve worked with.Highly recommended.
Wir haben mit verschiedenen Teams von LEXR gearbeitet und waren bisher mit der Reaktivität und der Qualität zufrieden. Danke
Die kostenlose Rechtsberatung (20min.) kann ganz bequem und einfach online gebucht werden. Nach diesem Gespräch war klar, dass ein Vertragsreview die passendste Option ist.Nach einigen Iterationen konnte der Vertrag zu meinen Gunsten abgeschlossen werden. Die Zusammenarbeit war sehr angenehm, effizient und auf Augenhöhe. LEXR hat gute Inputs eingebracht, den Hintergrund erklärt und die Entscheidung jeweils mir überlassen. Qualitativ bin ich von ihrer Arbeit sehr überzeugt. In dieser Form macht eine Zusammenarbeit Spass und führt zu zufriedenstellende Ergebnisse.MIt gutem Gewissen kann ich LEXR vollumfänglich empfehlen.
Great services. Fast & Pragmatic. Perfect for Startups
Effektiv, professionell und straight to the point. So soll es sein. Thumps up aus Sicht eines Startup Unternehmers.
Kompetent, verbindlich und schnell. Unsere komplizierte Fragestellung wurde zielgerichtet aufgenommen und eine einfache Lösung dafür entwickelt. So macht die Zusammenarbeit mit Juristen Spass. Ich kann LEXR zu 100 % weiterempfehlen.
We hired LEXR to help us with the incorporation of our DeFi/Blockchain Startup as ther lawyers already had expertise in those areas. LEXR provided us excellent services at very affordable costs and was always quick to react to our special wishes and change requests.

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