Convertible Loan Set-up

Convertible loan - from strategy to customized contract

With dedicated legal expert advice from start to finish, you will get your strategic direction for funding right, determine the right key variables to implement your strategy, and exactly know what the impact of your convertible loan structure is on the company’s future. 

Convertible Loan Flat Fee Package

The value

Best-in-class convertible loan base template, established and continuously reviewed by multiple legal experts, improved with every dataset we get from numerous startup cases.

Kick-off and legal expert session where our legal experts will ask you the right strategic questions, explain the key terms and impacts on your strategy in detail and make data-backed recommendations from their experience in the market.

Digital signature set-up and signature collection for fast closure.

The timing

We can deliver your dedicated Convertible Loan Agreement within 48 hours if needed.

The price

Flat fee CHF 2’000 (excl. VAT)

In scope

Initial kick-off call to define key parameters aligned to your company’s strategic direction

Drafting of your personalized convertible loan agreement

Legal expert session in which we explain the agreement in detail and answer all your open questions

Delivery of the final agreement with adjustments discussed in the expert session

E-signature set-up and collection of signatures

Out of scope

Negotiation with investors (can be quoted separately)

Tax ruling (can be quoted separately)

Additional feedback rounds (in the first call and the legal expert session, we clarify all your questions consolidated and explain the contract in detail. For further changes after we’ve sent over the final agreement, you can book additional hours)

Convertible loan process

Five comprehensive steps to complete your convertible loan funding

  1. 1
    Kick-off call

    In a first call, we explain the agreement structure and general key variables before deep diving into your business model, strategic direction, and the company’s future ambitions to define the right contract parameters for your convertible loan agreement.

  2. 2
    Contract drafting

    We draft your personalized convertible loan agreement with the key variables derived from our first call. This draft contract and the open questions you’ll collect from your team in the meantime will be the discussion base for the expert session.

  3. 3
    Legal expert session

    In an expert session with all your involved stakeholders and our legal experts, we review the document, answer all your open questions and discuss potential changes. In addition, we run different scenarios in our loan calculator.

  4. 4
    Final document

    We implement the changes we agreed on in our expert session in your convertible loan document and, if applicable, clarify the remaining questions from the session before we send the finalized agreement over to you.

  5. 5
    Signature collection

    As the last step, we set up the digital signature collection process. With this, we then collect the required signatures in a compliant, fast, and efficient manner so that you can close your convertible round in no time.

Convertible Loan FAQ

Like the convertible loan itself, the cooperation with LEXR was very straightforward. Above all, the digital mindset during our time working together which ensured that we could quickly and easily get in touch with the LEXR team, suits us. In addition, you can sense that LEXR has a huge amount of know-how regarding start-ups.

Patrik Elsa, Founder & CEO of beUnity


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About us

We’re a growing team of 30+ legal professionals. Some of our experts include:

  • 1

    Michele is focused on corporate and commercial law and has a strong background in M&A transactions. At LEXR he advises Swiss and international founders, start-ups, and investors – from incorporation to the first investment rounds, risk financing, complex business transactions, and exits. 

    Michele Vitali, Head of Startup Financing & Venture Capital, Legal Expert 

  • 2

    Jana uses her expertise in corporate and commercial law to assist founders and investors with incorporation, financing, and exit strategies. Her experience as a startup founder prior to joining LEXR uniquely positions her to understand and effectively address clients’ challenges. 

    Jana Huwyler, Legal Counsel 

  • 3

    Klara is part of our corporate team and supports our customers with transactions throughout their company lifecycle – from incorporations to employee stock options plans and the legal aspects for different means of raising funds. 

    Klara Weismann, Legal Counsel 

  • 4

    Flurin assists companies in regulatory and corporate matters, focusing on issues in Blockchain, DLT, Digital Assets, and FinTech. He particularly supports businesses in tokenizing their shares. 

    Flurin Albonico, Junior Legal Counsel 

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