Start & Grow 3/4: Legal checklist for businesses

Last Updated 07/08/2023

Get your legal admin sorted quickly

Operational excellence in setting up your legal basics is a check the box exercise. We have put in the effort to compile a comprehensive list so you can simply do that – check the boxes.  

The checklist is for Swiss stock companies (Aktiengesellschaft, AG) but applies to a large extent to any company.  

The checklist is based on the LEXR Legal Framework (incl. an extra section for tax, social security and insurance) and includes:  

  • Corporate: The power and money structure of your company.   
  • Regulatory: Compliance with government regulations. 
  • Intellectual Property Rights: The protection of your core assets.  
  • Contracts: Key points for your relationship with customers, vendors and partners. 
  • HR: Everything to consider when hiring employees. 
  • Taxes, social security, insurances: The mandatory and recommended taxes and contributions.  

The tasks are color-coded for their importance and supplemented with notes on what to look out for. Too long for a blog post on this site, you can instead access and download the full version here.

We hope it services you well!

PS: We are looking forward to your feedback to continuously improve and update the list. Therefore, we have enabled the commentary function in the online version of this document for you to leave feedback and make comments on the sections directly and we will pick it up from there.

The LEXR Team.

By Christian Meisser

CEO & Legal Expert


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