Licensing agreements

Drafting, review and negotiation of your company’s licensing agreements.

Licensing agreement benefits

Protect your key assets

Innovative technology, valuable data, or unique software – what you license to your customers often is the most important asset your firm owns. With a professional license agreement, you ensure you won’t risk your competitive advantage.

Make money with your IP

Having intellectual property is great – turning it into money even better. One of the best ways to do so is by licensing it. Our experts know how you can get the most out of your innovations.

Keep it simple but effective

We won’t sell you dozens of pages in legalese with no real effect – we will draft contracts that are as short as possible and as waterproof as needed. If your standard contract is understandable, you’ll have a higher conversion rate, avoid legal costs and raise customer satisfaction.

What’s included in the licensing agreement package?

What it is

All-in-one flat fee package including strategic planning and structure set-up, drafting, and adjustment of your individual licensing agreement.

What you will get
  • Joint kick-off call with our licensing legal expert to discuss goals, set-up, and important clauses for your licensing agreement
  • Licensing agreement tailored to your needs
  • Two feedback rounds where we take the time to jointly go through the licensing agreement and incorporate your feedback and adjustments
Flat fee

EUR 2.500 (excl. VAT), additional support for negotiation upon request.

How long it takes

With our flat fee package, you can get your licensing agreement drafted as fast as within 3-5 business days for urgent matters.

The three most common types of licensing agreements

Software or technology licensing

Your business relies heavily on the source code to your proprietary software or on your high-tech prototype? You want to ensure that your assets are secured contractually before you transfer them to your customers.

Trademark and brand licensing

To capitalize on your great reputation and expand your area of business, you license your brand to a licensee in another country. With our license agreement, you ensure to sethe conditions for the licensee and minimize brand risk.

Know-how and data licensing

Data is the new oil, at least for your business. Having exclusive access to data or know-how is invaluable, but to turn it into money you need to share it. Our expertise in data & know-how licensing ensures you get state-of-the-art legal protection when doing so.

Licensing agreements FAQ

About us

We’re a growing team of 30+ legal professionals. Some of our experts include:

  • 1

    Thomas focuses on Intellectual Property, Data Protection & IT Contract Law and advises companies on commercial strategies, Intellectual Property protection and technology-related legal issues. As head of the in-house team, he is responsible for advising and supporting our clients in their day-to-day business. 

    Thomas Kuster, Head of IP & Contracts, Legal Expert 

  • 2

    Lars focuses his legal practice on contract, intellectual property, and financial market regulation law. He advises tech companies on the legal set-up and negotiation of complex and day-to-day contracts, IP strategy and execution as well as financial market law matters. 

    Lars Rohrberg, Legal Expert 

  • 3

    Nicoletta focuses on contract law, and Intellectual Property. She advises customers on trademarks, the strategic set-up of IP contracts, as well as day-to-day contract matters. 

    Nicoletta Iurilli, Junior Legal Counsel 

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