Terms and Conditions

Whether you call it GTC, T&C or simply your terms, we draft, deliver and help you maintain them for your business.

Benefits of having good terms 

Legal security 

Your Terms and Conditions govern the relationship between you and your business partners – whether you’re doing B2B or B2C. With professionally drafted terms tailored to your business, you‘ll get a transparent and secure foundation for your business relationships. When drafting, we strive for the right balance between mitigating risks and deal-enabling simplicity. 


Before drafting the Terms and Conditions, we take time to get to know you and your business. Having well-drafted, balanced, and easy-to-read Terms and Conditions will make your business more professional and help you gain trust of new customers and potential investors. 

Growing your business 

Once drafted, your Terms and Conditions will need to evolve with your business. You should not have to amend your terms each time you slightly change your business model. We draft our terms in a way that enables you to adapt them to your growing business without always needing to seek legal advice. This way, your legal costs do not evolve, but your business does. 

What is included in the package?  

The value / Package 

Our all-in-one flat fee package includes  

A kick-off session with the LEXR Terms and Conditions expert

Drafting Terms and Conditions for your business according to your current and future business model 

Feedback call based on first draft

One iteration round based on feedback call (if needed)

Clear instructions on how to apply and keep your Terms and Conditions up to date

Our standard flat fee packages do not include advice on specific regulatory topics, but we can conduct regulatory assessments for an additional fee. 


With our flat fee package, you can get your Terms and Conditions drafted as fast as within 3-5 business days following the kick-off call. 


Basic Service Terms: EUR 700

Webshop Terms and Conditions: EUR 1.600 

Platform Terms and Conditions: from EUR 2.100

Other: On request 

Add-on: Terms for Germany/EU: On request 

Terms & Conditions FAQ 

About us

We’re a growing team of 30+ legal professionals. Some of our experts include:

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    Thomas focuses on Intellectual Property, Data Protection & IT Contract Law and advises companies on commercial strategies, Intellectual Property protection and technology-related legal issues. As head of the in-house team, he is responsible for advising and supporting our clients in their day-to-day business. 

    Thomas Kuster, Head of IP & Contracts, Legal Expert 

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