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Inhouse Counsel & Legal Project Support

Turn the LEXR experts into your very own in-house legal team, whether permanently, as an interim solution or for a project.

The LEXR benefits

  • Full cost control

    With our subscriptions, you always have full cost control over your monthly legal spend. There is no risk or minimum commitment: You can adjust the coverage or hours as needed.

  • Peak coverage

    With an entire team of legal experts at your fingertips, there is no risk of shortage due to vacation or sick leave, and you can increase the workload any time. Also, there are no admin, training or HR costs.

  • Expertise & business focus

    Your LEXR legal inhouse counsel is not only a trained legal expert, but primarily a hands-on problem solver with a business focus, managing your risks smartly so your business can get ahead while mitigating risks.

  • SPOC & legal coverage

    In addition to their inhouse experience, our counsels are specialized in different fields. While you have one single point of contact, you also have access to an entire team of experts for the full range of company law.

LEXR inhouse legal services for

Companies with own inhouse counsel

No need to add full-time members every time there is a peak of legal work or a legal project.

Access expert legal skillsets and certified specialists fast and without long-term commitment. Temporarily scale for high loads of legal work or for a legal project without the recruiting process and bringing new counsel up to speed.

Companies without own inhouse counsel

The LEXR inhouse legal service is a better alternative to expensive law firms, recruiting your own inhouse legal or leaving the legal tasks to your CFO or COO.

We take care of all aspects of business law, know how to automate repetitive tasks and are experts in business focused risk management, all without adding a resource to your payroll.

Inhouse counsel coverage

Day-to-day business legal

Our inhouse legal experts cover the full range of business law efficiently, from HR questions to contracts, corporate housekeeping, data protection, compliance and IP tasks. With a large know-how database, time-tested templates and efficient process management, our in-house legal counsel are trained to deliver expert services quickly and take care of your day-to-day legal effectively.

Expert areas

In addition to our inhouse legal experience for day-to-day tasks, our experts have specific sector experience. This means you don’t have to purchase external law firm services on top for complex legal tasks. Our focus areas include: IT Law, Financial Market Law, MedTech, Data Protection, Intellectual Property, M&A and financing, corporate law, contract drafting and negotiations, employee participation plans, hiring & firing, work permits etc.

Process improvement and automation

Efficient processes and workflows are essential for every inhouse legal department. We support with streamlining legal tasks, be it in simply standardizing complex processes or automating large parts of your day-to-day legal (for more in-depth information on our automation services go to our LEXR Bridge Contract Automation Page).

Inhouse counsel service fee options

It is our mission to provide expert services with transparent pricing. For our in-house legal services, the fees are mainly dependent on two factors.

Amount of work

The more legal work you have, the lower our rates.


If there is a lot of repetitive work, we can automate it and save you time and costs.

With our hourly packages or monthly subscriptions, our hourly rates are significantly reduced, and we give you full cost control as we will always inform you if a package is used up or a subscription exceeded. Simply ask us for a quote for your specific needs.

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About us

We’re a growing team of 30+ legal professionals. Some of our experts include:  

  • 1

    Thomas focuses on Intellectual Property, Data Protection & IT Contract Law and advises companies on commercial strategies, Intellectual Property protection and technology-related legal issues. As head of the in-house team, he is responsible for advising and supporting our clients in their day-to-day business. 

    Thomas Kuster, Head of IP & Contracts, Legal Expert 

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