Privacy for company websites

Privacy for company websites

On the website, the most important figurehead of many companies, numerous regulations of the GDPR and the Swiss Data Protection Act have to be observed. We take care of all data protection aspects of the company’s website in a complete package, from the privacy policy to the cookie policy to the imprint. 

Benefits of a LEXR Website Privacy Package 

Consulting & Best Practices 

Personalized advice from experienced CH and DE legal advisors. 

Website compliance taken care of  

One-stop-shop for all required policies. 

Efficient & cost effective implementation  

Implementation within a maximum of 72 hours after the kick-off meeting at an attractive all-inclusive price. 


LEXR’s website privacy package – what’s included?

Data protection on websites is in the spotlight not only from regulators, but also from website visitors. We check the company’s website for compliance with the data protection requirements of the GDPR and the new Swiss Data Protection Act. After a brief discussion with one of our legal experts, we determine where there is a need for data protection adaptations and prepare the necessary documents.

The package includes:

A 30-minute meeting with our legal experts to jointly analyze the need for changes and obtain all the information necessary to draft the documents.

Creation or adaptation of a website privacy policy.

Creation or adaptation of a cookie policy and, if a cookie banner is used, the text required for it.

Creation of an imprint.

30-minute final meeting to clarify any questions.

Flat fee: EUR 550 (excl. VAT)

Additional services available: 

Comprehensive ad-hoc privacy consulting beyond website operations.

Analysis of general data protection risks and to-dos within the company at an attractive package price.

Preparation of other necessary internal and external documents and policies.


  1. 1
    Kick-off call

    In a 30-minute meeting, we analyze the current state of your website with regard to data protection issues. We gather all the information we need to customize or create the documents you need. 

  2. 2
    Document creation

    We will create necessary a website privacy statement, a cookie policy including banner text and an imprint if necessary 

  3. 3
    Conclusion & Recommendations

    We send you the created documents with clear instructions on how to integrate them into the website. In addition, we conduct a 30-minute final meeting to clarify any outstanding issues. 

Other data protection services 

FAQ – Privacy for company websites 

Über uns

Wir sind ein wachsendes Team mit 30+ Rechtsberatern – Einige unserer Experten:

  • 1

    Sebastian advises on the comprehensive implementation of national and international data protection regulations as well as on the implementation of future regulations in the digital field. He is particularly interested in international data transfers and new technologies such as AI. 

    Sebastian Schneider, Head of Privacy & Digital Regulation, Legal Expert 

  • 2

    Julia is an expert in data protection law and advises companies on all aspects of implementing existing and future regulations in the digital sector as well as on labor law issues. 

    Julia Peidli, Senior Legal Counsel 

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