Alternatives to animal products, new farming technologies and innovative consumer services

How we support FoodTech businesses

Innovative foods like meat alternative products, new technologies in the AgroTech sector like vertical farming, and fresh ways of distribution – technology is changing what and the way we eat and drink.

What we help with

Early stage, research & development

We help  you early in your journey by assessing your services and products from a regulatory point, help you in discussions with your research facilities and advice on your corporate set-up when starting a spin-off. 

Growth & go-to-market

We’re experts on the legal aspects of  commercialization, distribution and marketing and help you set up easy-to-use and safe terms and conditions, licensing agreements and supplier contracts. When growing, we accompany you through financing rounds and assist in negotiations regarding research collaborations or joint ventures. 


We provide pragmatic advice on regulatory issues regarding food safety regulations, AgroTech and other food-specific regulations. We work closely with you to minimise your legal risk exposure while remaining efficient and economical. 

Industry-specific products

Regulatory workshop

Our experts guide you through the legal landscape of your company in a 2-hour workshop – you’ll receive a concrete action plan on how to tackle your key regulatory issues and pragmatic answers to your questions. 

IP negotiations with universities

Our IP experts assist university spin-offs when negotiating an IP license with their university – from the first talks to the signed license agreement.

Reliable legal partner

Onboard a legal partner who truly understands your business early on – we offer a variety of plans for every stage of your business.

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