Paymaster Services

Paymaster Services for Efficient Payment Processing 

Benefit from reliable and secure paymaster services, offering seamless management of disbursements in large transactions involving assets such as commodities, real estate, digital tokens, and financial instruments. As your trustworthy intermediary, we handle the receipt and distribution of brokerage or service fees, giving you and your business partners the convenience and assurance you need. 

What is a paymaster service?

A paymaster service includes an agreement where a neutral third party (the paymaster) receives funds from a payor (such as a buyer) in a large transaction, holds them in escrow, and disburses these to brokers or suppliers (payees) involved in the transaction. Working with a reputable paymaster adds a desirable layer of governance to the management of large scale projects and transactions. 

The paymaster provides convenience and simplicity for all parties involved by reducing the payment flows for the buyer and bringing peace of mind for the payees. The paymaster operates independently, handling the incoming commissions, and distributing funds based on the timing and conditions stipulated in the paymaster agreement. 

Why use paymaster services?


Our paymaster services offer secure transactions with the added layer of a neutral third party overseeing disbursements.  


Working with a trustworthy and experienced paymaster provides confidence in large transactions, ensuring the appropriate distribution of brokerage fees 


Experience a simplified transaction process with our paymaster services, eliminating complexity in payments by separating the disbursement of commissions from the primary transaction. 

How do paymaster services work?

  • The Payor: Transfers fees into the paymaster account
  • The Payees: Receive disbursements from the paymaster after successful transactions
  • LEXR Finance (Paymaster): Holds funds securely until they are disbursed in accordance with the paymaster agreement

Looking for a trusted partner to facilitate the token allocation for your offering or ICO? Schedule a call to learn how our expertise complements your token placement. 

For secure transfers of non-monetary assets (such as intellectual property, software, or documents), consider our Escrow Service. 

Process steps 
  • Kick-off call: We assess your needs and discuss suitable paymaster arrangements.  
  • Contract drafting: We create a personalized paymaster agreement based on the initial call.  
  • Identification and account opening: We guide you through a smooth identification process for account opening and compliance with anti-money laundering obligations.  
  • Deposit: The payor deposits the funds to be distributed by the paymaster 
  • Disbursement: Upon the transaction’s completion, funds are appropriately disbursed to the payees 

Our Paymaster service fees are competitive and based on factors like transaction volume, number of parties involved, and complexity of the Paymaster agreement. Book a free exploratory call to receive a full quote 

Why choose us?

In-depth market expertise

Collaborate with professionals skilled in tech, crypto, web 3.0, and M&A topics, ensuring your specific needs are met. 

Comprehensive solution

Collaborating with registered attorneys of LEXR Law**, we provide all necessary technical and legal expertise for successful investor onboarding through a single point of contact. 


Benefit from rapid execution and seamless cooperation between finance, tech, and legal teams. 

Pricing transparency

We offer flat-fee solutions whenever feasible, leveraging our efficient, digitized, and standardized processes. 

SRO Membership

LEXR Finance, a Swiss AMLA financial intermediary, is affiliated with and supervised by the SRO VQF, adhering to best practices with regularly audited, up-to-date processes. 

About us

We’re a growing team of 30+ legal professionals. Some of our experts include:

  • 1

    With his expertise in financial market regulation, Max supports corporate clients in their fiat or crypto-related endeavours. Furthermore, he is familiar with the regulatory and AML-related duties of Swiss and European financial institutions and the every-day application of corporate law. 

    Maximilian Krähenbühl, CTO & Legal Expert 

  • 2

    Christian is an entrepreneur and lawyer with a focus on the intersection between technology and law. He regularly speaks, publishes, and advises on blockchain-related topics and is specialized in financial market regulation. 

    Christian Meisser, CEO & Legal Expert 

** Disclaimer

The services showcased on this webpage are delivered by LEXR Finance GmbH, a financial intermediary affiliated with and supervised by the SRO VQF. These services are separate from those offered by LEXR Law Switzerland AG. Client-attorney privilege does not apply to services provided by LEXR Finance GmbH, and measures have been implemented to maintain a clear distinction between the activities of both entities. 

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