Maintain Data Protection Compliance

Keep up with new regulations and best practices, update registers and documents and review new processing activities for both the EU General Data Protection Regulation and the Swiss Data Protection Act.

Privacy Refresher from CHF 450

If your business simply uses personal data for day-to-day activities such as customer relationship management (CRM), sending out a newsletter and to manage employees, then our Privacy Refresher once a year is all you need. Our certified GDPR and Swiss DPA experts make sure your data protection documents are up to date and in line with current best practice.

This is included:


30 minute kick-off call to understand current processing activities, review the existing documents and address open question.


Updating of privacy policy, cookie policy and the record of processing activities to current regulatory best practices and inclusion of new personal data flows of your company.


30 minute closing workshop for any corrections, open questions and feedback.

Language of delivery:

English and German

Delivery time:

3 working days


CHF 450 if your documents are based on our Privacy Essentials or Advanced Packages
CHF 600 if the documents were not created by us

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Certified Data Protection Officer (DPO) from CHF 500 per month

Having a certified privacy expert taking care of your data protection compliance is more than just a legal requirement for many companies, it’s also good for business. A good DPO builds trust with customers, employees and authorities and takes care of day-to-day compliance tasks so you can focus on your company without worry.

When do companies appoint a DPO?

For most businesses, appointing a DPO is not a legal obligation, but has become best practice for the following reasons:

Sign deals requiring a data processing agreement faster with an expert that understands the data flows of your business.

Minimise risks of costly fines, board member liability and damage to your brand’s reputation.

Boost credibility with business partners, investors and authorities by having a state-of-the-art data protection practices and a dedicated contact for all privacy-related matters.

Reduce attack vectors for competitors and disgruntled employees.

Keep up with regulatory changes and best practices.

Develop new products faster with privacy-by-design built into the development process.

Fee options

Get a certified Data Protection Officer (DPO) for your business from CHF 500 per month including an hour of expert support per month. The more hours you book, the lower the hourly rate:

Monthly subscription Fee (excl. VAT)
1 hour 500
3 hours 1,050
5 hours 1,550
10 hours 2,750
20 hours 5,000

There is no minimum duration and subscriptions can be cancelled anytime effective at the end of the month.

The hours accumulate over a calendar year if unused in a specific month but lapse at the end of a calendar year (we will always keep you informed about the hours used).

You can ‘upgrade’ to or ‘downgrade’ on the basis of the above scale anytime (e.g. from 5 to 10 hours in case of exceptional legal needs, and vice versa).

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Data Processing Agreement (DPA) Support

Our certified experts create, review, negotiate and manage your data processing agreements for you:


Generate your standard DPA for free with our LEXR Bridge document engine or ask our experts to draft a specific DPA for you.


Get instant feedback from our experts and an assessment report within one business day.


Important DPAs may need expert negotiation skills to ensure you protect your data and interests properly.


Ask us for our expert advice on tools and processes to manage DPAs – they can quickly pile up.

What is a Data Processing Agreement?

According to Article 28 GDPR, whenever a controller uses a processor, there must be a written contract in place. A data processing agreement (DPA) is a legally binding document entered into between the controller and the processor in writing or in electronic form. It regulates the particularities of data processing – such as its scope and purpose – as well as the relationship between the controller and the processor.

What are the key terms of a DPA:

Ensure the risk allocation is well-balanced.


Avoid excessive contractual penalties.

Protection of business secrets

Avoid excessive audit rights.

Remote work and sub-processors

Ensure rights are in line with your practices.

Data ownership

Review ownership of data (also non-personal data)

Create your standard DPA

Generate your standard DPA for free with our LEXR Bridge document engine. This is based on a balanced best practice template.

If you have more specific DPA needs, our experts can draft a specific DPA for your specific use case, whether you act as controller, processor or sub-processor. Get in touch for a quote.

Review a DPA for CHF 500

Did you receive a DPA from a customer or supplier and are not sure whether it is good to go? Simply get instant feedback from one of our experts and an assessment report within one business day, all for a flat-fee of CHF 500 (excl. VAT).

Negotiate a DPA

Important DPAs may need expert negotiation skills to ensure you protect your data and interests properly without risking penalties and liability. Get in touch for a quote.


Keeping track of all the DPAs can be a daunting task as you grow your business. Ask us for our expert advice on tools and processes to manage DPAs.

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Data Protection and IT Security Training

We offer trainings and workshops in many shapes and forms. For integrated offerings with IT Security, we have partnered with leading IT security company ensec AG.

For any other trainings or workshops, simply book a free discovery call with one of our experts to explore whether a DPO is the right solution for your company.

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Fee options for our services

Wherever possible, we provide you with a flat-fee quote for full price transparency. However, every complex data protection project is different. To tackle complex cases, we also often work on the basis of hourly packages with our customers. With hourly packages, our hourly rates are significantly reduced and they give you full cost control as we will always inform you if a package is used up. The most popular packages are:

10h package for CHF 2’750

Our top hourly rate is reduced to CHF 275 (from CHF 375), giving you at least 10 hours of time with our experts.

20h package for CHF 5’000

Our top hourly rate is reduced to CHF 250 (from CHF 375), giving you at least 20 hours of time with our experts.

Hours do not lapse and can be used for advice in all legal areas. Prices are excl. VAT. Ask us for a quote. We also offer daily and monthly rates.

Your data protection experts

  • 1
    Christian Meisser

    Christian has advised tech companies and regulated industries on data privacy since 2013, working at international law firms in Zurich and London. Since then, he advised countless data-driven businesses on how to use data as a business asset and build a compliant data privacy governance.

    Besides building deep privacy expertise working with customers in Switzerland and Europe, Christian published articles and regularly holds workshops and trainings on data protection for businesses.

  • 2
    Thomas Kuster

    Thomas focuses on intellectual property, data protection and tech contract law. He advises clients on strategies for the protection of their data, inventions, trademarks and knowhow as well as on various legal matters concerning technology.

    Before starting at LEXR, Thomas worked in leading law firms in Switzerland and Denmark where he gained extensive experience in his fields of practice and a general knowledge of Swiss and European law. Subsequently, he passed the bar exam of the Canton of St. Gallen.

  • 3
    Yoann Garraux

    Yoann predominantly advises clients in the fields of data privacy law, intellectual property law, and other day-to-day legal issues. He enjoys the opportunity to work closely with innovative companies and provide them with practical legal insights.

    Before joining LEXR, Yoann worked as a law clerk at the tribunal of Bienne where he assisted judges on both civil and criminal law cases. He also interned in an international arbitration law firm in Zürich where he supported the drafting of requests and submissions in various proceedings. Asides from his work at LEXR, Yoann is currently preparing to apply for the bar of canton Bern in 2023.

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