EU Representative Service (according to Art. 27 GDPR)

EU Representative Service (according to Art. 27 GDPR)

Companies without a branch in the EU must appoint an EU representative if they fall within the scope of the GDPR. We support companies with EU Representative-as-a-Service. 

Advantages of a LEXR EU representative 

Meet compliance requirements according to Art. 27 GDPR 

In certain cases, the EU representative is mandatory by law. If such a representative is not appointed, the supervisory authority can force an appointment and impose fines. 

Never miss a GDPR inquiry 

We collect all data protection-related inquiries from data subjects and authorities and forward them reliably and quickly, including an initial assessment. 

Competent contact with fast response time 

As the EU representative is the first point of contact for authorities and data subjects, our experts have in-depth knowledge of data protection law and can classify inquiries professionally. 

EU Representative Service from LEXR – what is included? 

As an EU representative, we help to fulfill the requirements for companies according to Art. 27 GDPR. 

Included in the annual flat fee are: 

Providing the records of processing activities upon request of the supervisory authority.

Official appointment as EU representative for all EU member states.

Official point of contact for GDPR matters (authorities, data subjects) with forwarding to the company via the preferred communication channel.

First legal classification of inquiries.

Flatfee: CHF 400 (excl. VAT)
Additional services bookable:

Substantive handling of inquiries by our data protection experts.

Creation or update of records of processing activities.

Legal advice on data protection issues and other EU regulatory requests.

Other data protection services 

EU Representative Service – FAQ

About us

We’re a growing team of 30+ legal professionals. Some of our experts include:

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    Maja is a Junior Legal Counsel in the IP & Contracts Team. She assists customers and the team in the field of tech contract law, intellectual property, and data protection. 

    Maja Rajic, Junior Legal Counsel 

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    Yoann’s focus is on advising clients on HR issues. He also assists with corporate and IP matters, as well as contractual and data protection issues. 

    Yoann Garraux, Senior Legal Counsel 

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    Thomas focuses on Intellectual Property, Data Protection & IT Contract Law and advises companies on commercial strategies, Intellectual Property protection and technology-related legal issues. As head of the in-house team, he is responsible for advising and supporting our clients in their day-to-day business. 

    Thomas Kuster, Head of IP & Contracts, Legal Expert 

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