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Berlin, Full Time

Are you ready to transform the German legal market with us?  

LEXR, the fast growing law firm for tech companies in Switzerland and Germany (30+ people, established since 6+ years) is looking for a hungry & driven corporate lawyer who helps us build and grow our startup and VC practice area in Germany.  

With full support of the LEXR team in Berlin and Switzerland, from LegalTech to operations and marketing to HR, you have the opportunity to shape this practice area from the start. Not only will you make a real difference to start-ups and tech companies by providing a fundamentally better legal services, but you will also create a better work environment for yourself and the legal team you’ll build up. Working at LEXR means you can forget stiff legal offices. You’ll be part of a modern, motivated and inclusive team.  We are now looking for a motivated self-starter with the work ethic, passion, and grit to take on the challenge of building a better future for lawyers and customers alike. 

What is required 

  • Corporate lawyer specialization background: Your core expertise is in corporate law. It’s essential that you have an excellent academic track record in the field of corporate law and can demonstrate knowledge in questions surrounding corporate and VC topics. 
  • Fluent German & English: You will be working with both local and international customers. Fluent English and German skills are a key requirement for this position. Unfortunately, we can’t consider any applications that don’t meet this precondition.  
  • Location: Although we encourage remote work from time-to-time, this position requires you to be mostly in Berlin. You will be setting up a team of new people and actively pursue business opportunities on the ground.
  • Drive and ambition: As the head for a new entity, drive and ambition is a must. Despite your German colleagues and the Swiss teams’ full support of LegalTech, marketing, operations and HR matters, you need the grit, persistence, and execution power to ensure the practice area takes off the ground. 
  • Leadership skills: You don’t only the have the strong drive and strategic vision to push the new LEXR branch forward, but also the skills to coach team members and lead multidisciplinary teams.
  • Growth mindset: We’re looking for lawyers that see opportunities despite being trained to focus on risks – strike the right balance and be driven for continuous personal and professional growth. 
  • Business sense: We advise entrepreneurs and established corporations. To provide actionable and valuable legal advice to businesses, you need to have a good understanding of how the business world works.
  • Team spirit: You will be working side by side with customers and team members alike. You are humble, positive, open, and enjoy getting to know what makes people tick.
  • IT affinity: We are 99% digital and constantly test out new tools to improve our work environment and customer experience. Proficiency in MS Office is a must; any additional IT skills are a plus. 


What you will get  

  • Become an entrepreneur: Take matters in your own hand and build a new a new team and location. Experiment, learn, grow and have a positive impact on the local tech ecosystem and your team.
  • Competitive pay: You will receive a competitive salary package with a market-standard base salary plus equity.
  • Support & coaching: You will start a new practice area, but you won’t start on your own. While the legal leaders will coach you on best practices in legal delivery and client management, you will also have full business and tech support: Marketing & growth, HR, accounting, tech support and legal automation included.
  • Exciting work: We do much more than automating the mundane part of legal. You will advise the high-growth companies of the future and work directly with the entrepreneurs and decision-makers.
  • Team spirit and open structures: When you join LEXR, you become part of a driven, self-motivated, stimulating and welcoming team that works together to achieve amazing things. In addition, you will have the opportunity to build your own branch team.
  • Location: Although Berlin is a requirement for your base location, everyone at LEXR is set free to change work environment from time – whether that’d be from the mountains, the sea or anywhere else you feel most productive.  

The application process

Forget stiff legal offices. Working with LEXR means being part of a modern, motivated and inclusive team.

How we hire

Our legal services are based on transparency and respect, so why shouldn’t our hiring process be too? Hiring is a mutual process, which is why we give you a real insight into our values, culture, and how we work from the off. Remember, you’re interviewing us as well.

Getting to know each other

Chat with LEXR HR or a LEXR team member who already works in the position you’ve applied for. This is the best way of finding out whether the role is right for you.

Show us what you can do

Complete a sample work challenge or give a presentation to the team to show us how amazing you are.

Final interview

Meet the team, ask interesting questions and see how we’d all work together.


Shortly after the interview, we’ll let you know whether we’d like you to join the team.

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