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Riding into the future: RIBE's vision for an accessible motorcycle world

RIBE’s co-founder Tsering Selang talks to us about how the motorcycle platform was founded, the factors that contributed to its success, future plans and the financing round with LEXR.

What’s the story behind RIBE? 

RIBE was born out of our passion for motorcycles and the desire to make them more accessible to riders everywhere. It all started when we realized that there was a gap in the market for motorcycle enthusiasts who didn’t own a bike but wanted to experience the freedom of riding. Also, the realization that the motorcycle market is dominated by dealers, resulting in high prices in renting/owning a motorcycle and very outdated & cumbersome booking processes. On the other hand, most privately owned motorcycles remain unused most of the time. We envisioned a platform that would connect motorcycle owners with riders, make the joy of two-wheeled travel accessible to all, and bring unused motorcycles where they belong – out of the garage and onto the streets. And that’s how RIBE | Ride Better came to life. 

RIBE has grown fast with thousands of registered users and motorcycles to rent within a few months. What are the main factors that contributed to RIBE’s success? 

Our rapid growth can be attributed to a combination of factors. First and foremost, it’s the vibrant motorcycle community that has embraced our platform. Riders and owners love the idea of sharing their passion with others. Additionally, our easy-to-use platform has made it convenient for users to find and rent motorcycles. We also prioritize safety, which builds trust and loyalty among our users. Besides our effective marketing, our presence in well-known Media-Formats such as Höhle der Löwen Schweiz, SRF Tagesschau and SWR3 has certainly helped us to become the go-to brand for motorcyclists in Switzerland and south of Germany.

How does RIBE ensure the safety and maintenance of the listed motorcycles? 

Safety is a top priority at RIBE. Our strong partnership with one of Switzerland’s most renowned insurance companies, Helvetia, and the RIBE insurance product by Helvetia, enables us to ensure the safety of every bike rented through the RIBE platform. The RIBE insurance product includes fully comprehensive insurance and 24/7 roadside assistance. Owners are encouraged to keep their motorcycles in top condition and we provide a digital handover protocol within the RIBE platform. We also have a robust user rating system that encourages responsible use. We believe that a strong, responsible community is key to ensuring the safety of all users. 

RIBE is planning to expand regionally. How do you prepare for the expansion, and what are the main challenges and opportunities in these markets? 

With over 3,000 bikes on the platform in two seasons, we have been able to rapidly expand and transport the value of RIBE to riders in Switzerland and south of Germany. Expanding into new markets is both exciting and challenging. We’re focused on understanding the specific needs and preferences of riders in each region. Initially, gathering data through rapid testing and working with local dealers, communities, clubs and organizations is a key strategy. The challenge is to adapt to different regulations and really understand the rider culture/persona in each region. The opportunities are immense; Europe, for example, has a rich motorcycle culture and we’re excited to be part of it. 


Your financing round with LEXR – did you get what you expected, and how was the collaboration? 

Our collaboration with LEXR was a significant step for RIBE. LEXR’s expertise in legal matters was invaluable and ensured a smooth handling of all legal matters in the seed round. This helped us, as co-founders, to focus our resources on growth. I would also like to highlight that collaborating with LEXR felt more like they were part of RIBE. Extremely professional, reliable, very uncomplicated and always available for questions. This is not only our opinion, we have also received very positive feedback from the investors involved. For the current Seed Extension Round (closing by the end of March 2024) for which we already have commitments from existing investors, LEXR can already confirm our first very positive impression. It goes without saying that we see LEXR as our legal partner for all future rounds. 

How do you see the future of RIBE, and what are your plans to make revolutionize the motorcycle industry? 

The sharing economy is growing rapidly and the future of RIBE is incredibly promising. We envision RIBE as a driving force behind the transformation of the motorcycle industry. Our goal is to revolutionize it in several key ways.

  1. Accessibility: We believe that motorcycles should be accessible to everyone. We want to make it easy for people to experience the thrill of two-wheeled travel, whether they’re experienced riders or beginners.
  2. Sustainability: The motorcycle industry can be more environmentally friendly. We’re actively seeking partnerships with electric motorcycle manufacturers and eco-conscious riders. Our aim is to make sustainable choices more accessible within the motorcycle community and promote a greener way of enjoying the open road. Sharing in itself plays a part in a more sustainable future. The platform of RIBE will play a part in making the motorcycle industry more sustainable.
  3. Community: The heart of RIBE is its community. We’re nurturing a passionate network of riders and owners who share not only motorcycles but also experience, knowledge, and camaraderie. We want RIBE to be more than just a platform; we want it to be a thriving, supportive community.
  4. Technology: Embracing innovation is key. We’re working on new features, mobile apps, and website enhancements to make the entire RIBE experience seamless and enjoyable.

The motorcycle industry is a dynamic space with huge potential for growth, and we see RIBE leading the way in making it more inclusive, safe, and environmentally responsible. Our mission is to transform the way people engage with motorcycles and to create a future where two-wheeled travel is accessible to all, while respecting our planet and ensuring safety. We’re excited about the journey ahead and look forward to being at the forefront of this exciting revolution. 

What else do you want to say? 

Dear reader: If you know a rider, tell them about RIBE. It will surely make their biker-heart beat faster. If you or someone you know would like to be part of a fast-growing startup, please feel free to send them my contact details. And, if you are close to our headquarters in Uetikon am See, drop by for a chat and coffee! 😊



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