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CASUS: Leading the Way in Contract Automation for a Revolutionary Legal Experience

Co-Founder & CEO Fabian Staub of CASUS talks to us about how they are tackling the challenges of contract creation and management, the role of AI, and the financing round with LEXR.

What are the main challenges for businesses when creating and managing contracts?

In many companies, legal expertise is stored in Word templates and circulated internally. This requires business colleagues to actively generate documents from these templates, which come with placeholders, options, sub-options, comments, and footnotes. They often resort to a time-consuming, inefficient copy-paste approach for document assembly. Such methods are not just ineffective but pose a significant legal risk due to potential errors and inconsistencies.


How does CASUS address these challenges?

With CASUS, being in charge of a template is like having superpowers. The CASUS editor is so easy to use, it gives our users the power to quickly automate even the most complex legal documents. Our customers are seeing huge time savings — over 80% faster document creation, and that’s not even the best part. The quality of the documents is better than ever.


What role do you think artificial intelligence (AI) will play in the future of contract creation and management?

The impact of AI on legal document creation is immense and cannot be overstated. At CASUS, we leverage a blend of pre-trained language models and insights from our customers’ contract databases. This powerful combination not only aids in efficient contract creation but also ensures compliance with both company and legal standards. Equally crucial is the role of AI in providing deep insights into existing contracts, offering a level of understanding and foresight currently unattainable.


You completed a recent financing round with LEXR – how was working with our team?

Working with Michele and the LEXR team on our recent financing round was an outstanding experience. Michele’s deep legal expertise and tailored approach made complex processes clear and manageable. The team’s professionalism and responsiveness were exceptional, ensuring a smooth and successful transaction. What really set LEXR apart was their personal touch. They were always available, accommodating, and genuinely invested in our success. This collaborative spirit made our partnership not just productive but also enjoyable. Our experience with them was nothing short of excellent.



What are your tips for founders starting out with their first contracts?

For those founders seeking to streamline their document workflow, look no further – we’re the go-to experts for automating your paperwork. And for those just beginning without their own legal content yet, consider LEXR as the perfect starting point. 😉


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