Junior Associate Insights – Yves

Last Updated 03/07/2024

Yves is a Junior Associate at LEXR and started his journey with us in October 2023. He is part of the FinReg team and is with us for a year as part of his preparation for the Zurich bar exam. 

What is it like to be part of the FinReg team? What do you enjoy most about your work so far? 

Working in the FinReg team is very exciting and versatile. It is very interesting to be confronted with new and innovative business ideas and to discuss the different implications within the team. I really enjoy the opportunity to work as part of a team, but also to work independently on tasks. Everyone is very helpful when you have questions and takes the time to help you understand the subject. I particularly enjoy exploring the legal implications of projects involving blockchain technology. 

What do you do exactly, and what are some typical tasks you are in charge of? 

At the moment, I mainly work on our clients’ AML-related issues and SRO applications. However, I also regularly work on other topics, such as the legal analysis of our clients’ business cases (and tokens) and the drafting of various contractual agreements. From time to time, I also work on tasks from other teams at LEXR. 

What are your goals for your year as a junior associate? 

I want to gain a broad knowledge base so that I can specialize in FinReg-related topics, make initial assessments and identify potential issues and solutions. I also want to learn how to present information and explanations to clients in a way that is easy for them to understand, without using legalese. Additionally, I aim to develop the business mindset so that I can put myself in the position of our clients. 

What was it that drew you to work at the intersection of technology and law? 

In today’s society, it is almost impossible not to think of something related to technology in everyday life. So, for me it only makes sense also to apply my legal thinking and the current legal framework to the latest technology, especially when grasping legal concepts and applying them to the emerging blockchain sector. 

What trends in tech and fintech do you think will shape the future of legal services? 

I believe that legal services can be provided much more efficiently and at lower cost. Also, technology can generally improve access to legal resources.  

How would you describe LEXR’s culture and is there a memorable experience that reflects it? 

I would describe LEXR’s culture as open-minded, easy-going, entrepreneurial and growth-driven, both as a company and in terms of personal development. For me, the 2023 LEXR retreat in Lisbon best describes our culture. I hadn’t seen most of the people working at LEXR in real life before, but it was a very warm welcome from everybody. You can easily speak your mind, and people take the time to listen to you. 

You spent a lot of time playing volleyball in the highest Swiss league. How did you balance your professional sport and your work? 

Altough I have now ‘retired’ from (semi)-professional volleyball, I really enjoyed playing my last season while I started my position as Junior Legal Counsel. This is thanks to LEXR, which allowed me to be flexible with my working hours. I usually started working early in the morning so that I could leave sooner in the evening to go to practice. Also, my club allowed me to skip morning practices, so I could really pursue a dual career. Consequently, my day was thoroughly planned from morning to evening. However, since the volleyball season had ended in April and I am not playing professionally anymore, I am now enjoying working at different hours and catching up on other things in life, still enjoying the flexibility that LEXR allows me to have. 

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