Share Purchase Agreement (SPA) Review Package

Get a report about any critical issues in the document, and a comprehensive assessment of the overall deal balance.

Are you planning to sell your business and already received a draft contract?

Get a report about any critical issues in the document, as well as a comprehensive assessment of the overall deal balance. 

Challenges we solve

One-sided contractual risks

You’ll have clarity on any risks or problems with the contract. 

Unbalanced deal

Our experts provide you with an assessment of whether or not the terms of the proposed SPA are fair and in line with industry standards. 

Lack of clarity on next steps

Every negotiation requires a clear strategy: If the terms are consistent with what you want, we’ll let you know how to best close the deal; if they aren’t, we’ll advise you on ways to get the right deal. 

What’s included in the SPA review package?

What you can expect from the package

As the share purchase agreement is the cornerstone of the sale of your business, you will:  

  • ensure that all the fine print reflects your intent and expectation,  
  • avoid nasty surprises  
  • understand where you stand, with respect to the market standard for the envisaged deal. 
How we will make this happen
  • Intro call: Discuss your goals and the context of the transaction with our legal counsel, so that the advice can be perfectly bespoke to your specific situation and expectations. 
  • Red flag report: Get a red-flag report of the most critical contract clauses and an overall assessment of the contract (e.g. market standard or more seller/purchaser friendly). 
  • Strategy for next steps: Get a clear written recommendation for the next steps. 
  • Discussion: Discuss and ask any questions about our report during a call with the reviewing legal counsel to go through and clarify specific points personally. 
Who it is for

This package is aimed at all entrepreneurs, founders, and business owners about to sell their business who don’t have a legal background or profound M&A experience themselves.  


CHF 2’000 (excl. VAT), additional support for negotiation and contract drafting upon request.

How long it takes

We can typically revert with a written report within 4 business days after the intro call (or even more swiftly, if you have a tighter strict deadline). 

About us

We’re a growing team of 30+ legal professionals. Some of our experts include:

  • 1

    Elie is the Head of Mergers and Acquisitions at LEXR. He is focused on advising Swiss and international founders, start-ups, companies of diverse sizes, and investors in all types of M&A transactions, including namely sales, purchases, mergers, demergers, carve-outs, management buy-outs, joint ventures, and many others. 

    Elie Bourdilloud, Head of M&A and Legal Expert 

  • 2

    Yannick’s professional practice is focused on Mergers and Acquisitions. He advises Swiss and international founders, tech companies, and investors on all types of M&A transactions. 

    Yannick Bucher, Senior Legal Counsel  

  • 3

    Selina is part of our corporate team and focuses on mergers and acquisitions. She advises She provides guidance to Swiss and international founders, tech companies, and investors on various M&A transactions. 

    Selina Stiefel, Junior Legal Counsel 

  • 4

    Liza, a member of our Corporate team, concentrates on mergers and acquisitions. She offers advice to both Swiss and international founders, tech companies, and investors across a spectrum of M&A transactions and corporate matters. 

    Liza Pham, Junior Legal Counsel 

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