MiCA Compliance Workshop

MiCA regulation of your blockchain project  

You are planning or already have a blockchain startup, a web3 game, a DeFi protocol, a crypto asset service provider (CASP) / virtual asset service provider (VASP) or you want to issue a crypto asset, create an NFT artwork or offer a token, but you don’t know how the EU Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) regulation affects your project? With our two-hour customized MiCA compliance workshop, you will understand if and how the EU MiCA crypto regulation affects your blockchain project and what you need to do in order to issue or provide services related to digital assets in the EU. 

Understand the EU MiCA regulation as a CASP or token issuer

Create a secure legal foundation for your project 

Is my project or business idea affected by the MiCA regulation?  

We check with you whether you are affected by MiCA and what the consequences of MiCA are for your crypto project. We analyse the necessary legal requirements and perform a MiCA compliance check with you. Whether your project is a stablecoin such as an asset-referenced token (ART) or an e-money token (EMT), a utility token or an NFT, we will find out how you are affected by the EU regulation.   

What do I need to do to make my project MiCA compliant and when?  

The workshop will enable you to understand what preparations you need to make to implement the MiCA regulation. It will clarify whether you need to obtain a MiCA licence, prepare a white paper or set up a company in the EU. You will also understand how quickly this needs to be done and what the critical timeframes are.   

MiCA Legal Workshop Flat Fee

What it is
  • Goal: A focused workshop with your key decision makers and our crypto and financial markets legal experts is the most efficient way to quickly understand the MiCA requirements and develop a concrete action plan for MiCA compliance. The aim is to provide you with all the information you need to understand the impact of EU blockchain regulation on your project and to give you a clear roadmap of what you need to do to ensure MiCA compliance.  
  • Preparation: To maximise the outcome of our discussion, we will prepare the workshop based on your whitepaper, business model, tokenomics and similar documents.  
  • 2-hour workshop (online or face-to-face): In the workshop, we dive deeper into the requirements of your project. We address regulatory constraints and necessities. Based on your vision, it is always about finding the best legal framework for your project and determining the concrete next steps. Our experts have extensive experience in setting up FinTech and crypto projects.  
  • Action plan: After the workshop, you will receive an overview of how to proceed, including next steps, timelines and cost estimates.  
Who is the MiCA workshop for 
  • The workshop is aimed at Crypto Asset Service Providers (CASPs), such as decision makers in existing FinTech and crypto projects, as well as issuers of tokens of all kinds. The workshop is also aimed at people with questions about MiCA compliance, how to classify and categorise tokens under the MiCA regulation in the EU, Web3, DeFi and other blockchain-based projects, and all types of token launches.  
How long does it take 

Once we have received the relevant documentation, we typically require 5 working days to prepare, deliver and debrief the workshop.    

 Flat fee  

CHF 3’000 flat fee (excl. VAT)

Implementation and follow-up  

Our support does not end here: We have assisted many clients with the successful development, launch and implementation of various DeFi and other projects and token sales in Germany and Switzerland. Depending on the outcome of our workshop, we can start directly with you and implement the project quickly and legally watertight in Switzerland, Germany or the EU market. For example, we can assist you in obtaining a MiCA license, writing a MiCA white paper and setting up a company.  

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LEXR – FinTech and crypto experts from day one 

Our blockchain lawyers are true crypto experts – not only have we assisted a number of clients with the legal analysis of their DeFi projects and token launches, but we also have the technical expertise, e.g. as a keyholder of the Wrapped BTC on the Tezos blockchain (https://tzbtc.io/), and also regularly deal with tokens and DeFi protocols in our private life. Some of our clients:  

  • Bitcoin Suisse 
  • Tezos 
  • Bitmain 
  • matrixport  
  • Aktionariat 
  • Unix  
  • Gro
  • Ecoo
  • StakingRewards 
  • Splint Invest

About us

We’re a growing team of 30+ legal professionals. Some of our experts include:

  • 1

    Christian is an entrepreneur and lawyer with a focus on the intersection between technology and law. He regularly speaks, publishes, and advises on blockchain-related topics and is specialized in financial market regulation. 

    Christian Meisser, CEO & Legal Expert 

  • 2

    Florian advises clients in the fields of Blockchain, DLT, Digital Assets, and FinTech, predominantly focusing his practice on financial market regulation and corporate law matters. He also lectures on legal and compliance issues related to Digital Assets, DLT, and DeFi. 

    Florian Prantl, Senior Legal Counsel 

  • 3

    Silvan is our tax counsel. He specialises in corporate taxation of fintech, asset management and crypto and has substantial experience in the setup of investment funds, management companies, banks and structured ICOs, stable coins as well as more traditional financial instruments. 

    Silvan Amberg, Tax Counsel 

  • 4

    As a Junior Legal Counsel in the FinReg team, Andrin focuses on advising companies on matters regarding blockchain, DLT, digital assets and FinTech. 

    Andrin Hold, Junior Legal Counsel  

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