M&A or Exit Workshop

Gain clarity when approaching crossroads in your business' growth

Whether you are thinking of

  • venture capital (VC) funding,
  • a joint venture (JV) with a strategic partner,
  • another type of M&A transaction (acquisition, merger, spin-off),
  • or even private equity (PE) or strategic exit,

our legal experts will shed light on the process ahead and allow you to choose the best way forward.

We’ll analyze your specific situation and give you a two-hour workshop to define the alternative deal options as well as concrete next steps to move things forwards.

The value you get

Prepare the discussions and gain a clear vision

You’ll receive big-picture advice, allowing you to rise above the details and truly shape the right deal for your specific situation.

Leverage an even better deal with legal considerations

Receive holistic advice, leveraging our legal expertise and business acumen to generate as much value as possible from the onset of negotiations.

Broaden your horizons

Our experts will channel their experience to craft possible deal structures and parameters that you may not have thought of.

Get a comprehensive legal vision

You’ll come out of the workshop with clear and workable next steps to know exactly how to move your project forward.

What’s included in the workshop package?

What you can expect from the package

M&A transactions or financing rounds can take various forms and structures, and it’s important to define the best setup early; therefore, this workshop will allow you to:

  • present your project to our experts during an intro,
  • have our experts review all relevant documentation so that they come to the workshop knowing your business and projects in depth,
  • go through our time-tested workshop to define the cornerstone parameters of your deal and gain clarity on the process ahead.
How we will make this happen
  • Intro call: Discuss your goals and the context of the transaction with our legal counsel so that the workshop can be perfectly bespoke to your specific situation and expectations.
  • Preparation: We will analyze all relevant documentation and come back to you with any questions to make sure that we’re perfectly familiar with your project and business at the workshop.
  • Workshop: Two of our experts in the relevant complementary fields will animate a 2-hour workshop to shape the parameters and strategy of your deal and define clear next steps to move ahead.
Who it is for

This workshop is aimed at entrepreneurs and business leaders who, alternatively:

  • are looking to grow by conducting an M&A transaction (acquisition of a business, joint venture, merger, etc.) or an equity financing round; or
  • are in early discussions to exit their business (usually by selling it);

and are not sure about the structure and strategy for such a transaction.

Flat fee

CHF 3’000 (excl. VAT)

How long it takes

For standard workshops, we can be ready to hold the event within of receiving the documentation from you.


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About us

We’re a growing team of 30+ legal professionals. Some of our experts include:

  • 1

    Elie is the Head of Mergers and Acquisitions at LEXR. He is focused on advising Swiss and international founders, start-ups, companies of diverse sizes, and investors in all types of M&A transactions, including namely sales, purchases, mergers, demergers, carve-outs, management buy-outs, joint ventures, and many others. 

    Elie Bourdilloud, Head of M&A and Legal Expert 

  • 2

    Yannick’s professional practice is focused on Mergers and Acquisitions. He advises Swiss and international founders, tech companies, and investors on all types of M&A transactions. 

    Yannick Bucher, Senior Legal Counsel  

  • 3

    Selina is part of our corporate team and focuses on mergers and acquisitions. She advises She provides guidance to Swiss and international founders, tech companies, and investors on various M&A transactions. 

    Selina Stiefel, Junior Legal Counsel 

  • 4

    Liza, a member of our Corporate team, concentrates on mergers and acquisitions. She offers advice to both Swiss and international founders, tech companies, and investors across a spectrum of M&A transactions and corporate matters. 

    Liza Pham, Junior Legal Counsel 

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