Joint Venture Package

Planning to join forces with a strategic partner to create a new autonomous business?

We’ll be with you at every step of your joint venture journey. From deal structuring to negotiation, legal documents, and deal closure.

Challenges we solve

Big picture advice

You’ll receive big-picture advice, allowing you and your counterpart to rise above the details and truly shape the right deal.

Legal as an enabler

Receive holistic advice, leveraging our legal expertise and business acumen to create as much value as possible from the necessary legal considerations


Balanced deal

Our experts provide you with reality check of whether or not the proposed terms are fair and in line with industry standards.

Process clarity

Have constant visibility on where you stand in your project and what’s still needed to close it.

What’s included in the Joint Venture package?

What you can expect from the package

As the joint venture is a huge strategic step, but also a process that needs to be well-executed, you will:

  • receive and discuss a term sheet, which will allow you to structure your negotiation about the main deal parameters,
  • be accompanied throughout the process,
  • be sure that your deal will be seamlessly executed from a legal perspective,

receive assistance to kick-start your negotiations.


Who it is for

Joint ventures are aimed at businesses who see the potential for synergies with another company, by combining their forces in a new, separate but common, business.

How long it takes

The drafting of legal documentation and discussion can typically be executed within 5 to 10 days of the definition of key terms (i.e. generally the intro call).

Flat fee

CHF 6’500 (excl. VAT, notary and commercial register fees)

How we will make this happen
  • Intro call: Discuss your goals and the context of the transaction with our legal counsel, so that the advice can be perfectly bespoke to your specific situation and expectations.
  • Legal documentation:
    • Term Sheet: The term sheet that includes all main deal parameters, to structure the high-level discussion with your prospective partner.
    • Joint venture agreement: When the time comes, receive the detailed agreement that will be the basis of your collaboration within the joint venture.
    • Discussion: Discuss and ask any questions about the legal documentation during a call with our legal expert to go through and clarify specific points personally, may they concern corporate questions, intellectual property, research, and development or negotiation.
  • Negotiations: Be accompanied during three hours of negotiations with your counterpart.
  • Incorporation of your joint venture company: Once everything is settled, we prepare the incorporation of your joint venture company and coordinate the notary and commercial register.

About us

We’re a growing team of 30+ legal professionals. Some of our experts include:


  • 1

    Elie is the Head of Mergers and Acquisitions at LEXR. He is focused on advising Swiss and international founders, start-ups, companies of diverse sizes, and investors in all types of M&A transactions, including namely sales, purchases, mergers, demergers, carve-outs, management buy-outs, joint ventures, and many others. 

    Elie Bourdilloud, Head of M&A and Legal Expert 

  • 2

    Yannick’s professional practice is focused on Mergers and Acquisitions. He advises Swiss and international founders, tech companies, and investors on all types of M&A transactions. 

    Yannick Bucher, Senior Legal Counsel  

  • 3

    Selina is part of our corporate team and focuses on mergers and acquisitions. She advises She provides guidance to Swiss and international founders, tech companies, and investors on various M&A transactions. 

    Selina Stiefel, Junior Legal Counsel 

  • 4

    Liza, a member of our Corporate team, concentrates on mergers and acquisitions. She offers advice to both Swiss and international founders, tech companies, and investors across a spectrum of M&A transactions and corporate matters. 

    Liza Pham, Junior Legal Counsel 

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