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Introducing LEXR Finance, a Swiss SRO-affiliated financial intermediary providing dependable and compliant investor identification (KYC) support for fiat- and crypto-based business dealings. Our services cater to any types of tokens sales such as ICOs, STOs, IEOs, and other financial transactions. Whether you are subject to the Swiss Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA) or wish to perform an effective but lightweight investor screening, we offer essential tools to streamline your investors’ onboarding process.

Why choose our investor identification support services?

Peace of mind

As a Swiss SRO-regulated entity, LEXR Finance has a team of experts with in-depth knowledge of relevant laws, ensuring compliant investor identification.


Instead of joining a self-regulatory organization directly, outsourcing duties such as investor identification (KYC) processes to seasoned experts like LEXR Finance helps you conserve resources while maintaining compliance with Swiss AMLA requirements.


Whether it includes an agent-led video call or a lightweight ID verification, we can design an identification flow that caters to your needs.

Our investor identification support services include

Smooth investor onboarding

Choose from various identification methods, including in-person meetings, online, or video identification. Our secure and efficient identity verification process includes a comprehensive AML file tailored to your audit needs.

Expert guidance

Our team offers valuable advice to optimize your investor onboarding process, crafting efficient and compliant strategies.

Business mindset

Entrusting us with your investor identification means that you remain fully compliant while your investors experience the least intrusive onboarding that is legally possible.

Why partner with us?

SRO Membership

LEXR Finance, a Swiss AMLA financial intermediary, is affiliated with and supervised by the SRO VQF, adhering to best practices with regularly audited, up-to-date processes.

Comprehensive solution

Collaborating with LEXR Law**, we provide technical and legal expertise for successful investor onboarding through a single point of contact.


Benefit from rapid execution and seamless cooperation between finance, tech, and legal teams.

Proven experience

Our seasoned professionals serve clients ranging from promising startups to established institutions in the Swiss crypto industry.

Pricing transparency

We offer flat-fee solutions whenever feasible, leveraging our efficient, digitized, and standardized processes.


Our KYC service fees for a complete and compliant video identification start at CHF 25 per investor. For effective and lightweight investor due diligence, we offer procedures starting at CHF 5 per investor. In any case, a minimum fee of CHF 7’800 applies.

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About us

We’re a growing team of 30+ legal professionals. Some of our experts include:

  • 1

    With his expertise in financial market regulation, Max supports corporate clients in their fiat or crypto-related endeavours. Furthermore, he is familiar with the regulatory and AML-related duties of Swiss and European financial institutions and the every-day application of corporate law. 

    Maximilian Krähenbühl, CTO & Legal Expert 


  • 2

    As part of our regulatory expert team, Nihat advises customers on financial market regulation matters, with a particular focus on anti-money laundering and FinTech enterprises. 

    Nihat Cingöz, Senior Legal Counsel 

  • 3

    Christian is an entrepreneur and lawyer with a focus on the intersection between technology and law. He regularly speaks, publishes, and advises on blockchain-related topics and is specialized in financial market regulation. 

    Christian Meisser, CEO & Legal Expert 

** Disclaimer

The services showcased on this webpage are delivered by LEXR Finance GmbH, a financial intermediary affiliated with and supervised by the SRO VQF. These services are separate from those offered by LEXR Law Switzerland AG. Client-attorney privilege does not apply to services provided by LEXR Finance GmbH, and measures have been implemented to maintain a clear distinction between the activities of both entities. 

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