Data Processing Agreement Review

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Data Processing Agreements (DPAs) are required where personal data is processed on behalf of another company, which is the case in almost all SaaS solutions and in many other tech fields. This is especially important with the EU-GDPR and upcoming Swiss FDPA. Companies often encounter larger corporations as clients or partners and are not able to use their own standard DPA. We support you with DPA review and negotiation, so you’re aware of the risks and know what to pay attention to before signing.

Challenges we solve

Assess potential risks

Assess potential risks of the DPA, especially in times of the EU GDPR and upcoming Swiss FDPA (Federal Act on Data Protection) in order to decide whether and how to mitigate them. The worst thing you can do is to sign a DPA without knowing the risks.

Protect your business interests

Make sure that what you want to achieve with the deal is possible with the underlying DPA. At the same time make sure to protect your valuable assets.

Optimize terms & match market standard

We’ll point out whether your specific DPA reflects the market standard for this type of transaction and whether there are areas for possible improvement.

Avoid cost & legal challenges

Clarifications and clearly defined terms before signing a DPA will save you additional legal challenges, conflicts, and costs further down the line.

The power of AI & personal legal advice

Expert legal advice by LEXR lawyers combined with AI technology by Legartis enables a fast and data-driven review including personal recommendations tailored to your specific case.


Data-based review by Legartis AI

The initial review of your DPA is done with the AI of our partner Legartis. Within minutes, the intelligent system compares your DPA to thousands of other DPAs (especially with regards to the EU-GDPR and upcoming Swiss FDPA). it has been trained with and highlights the biggest risks and red flags as well as general improvement potential.


Personal and tailored expert legal advice by LEXR

After the initial AI review the experienced LEXR lawyers take a deep dive into your individual case. Based on their know-how from working with hundreds of tech firms on a daily basis, they derive recommendations specifically tailored to your field and company case, which they will then explain and discuss with you in a personal call or meeting.

What’s included in the DPA review package?

What it is

Where personal data is processed on behalf of another company a DPA is required. This is the case in almost all SaaS solutions and in many other tech fields. Protect your business interests, avoid surprises in the future, and understand the market standard for the specific type of transaction.

We offer a data-based DPA review with red-flag report and expert assessment by our LEXR lawyers who deal with DPAs on a daily basis.

What you will get
  • Red-flag report of the most critical DPA clauses with colour coding and an overall assessment of the contract.
  • For simple DPAs, we include concrete suggestions for wording changes.
  • For very complex DPAs, get a clear recommendation for the next steps.
  • For any DPA, we offer a call with the reviewing legal counsel to discuss and clarify specific points personally.
Who it is for

If you’re about to sign a DPA and haven’t got a legal background or data protection background yourself, it’s advisable to have it reviewed by a legal expert to the terms, mitigate risks and maximize your potential.


CHF 550 (excl. VAT), additional support for negotiation, and further DPA drafting upon request.

How long it takes

With our services, you can get your DPA reviewed as fast as within one business day for urgent matters.

About us


With the mission to improve the user experience when it comes to legal services, the now more than ten-strong LEXR team focuses on the combination of digitalized processes in the background and direct exchange with technology-savvy lawyers in the foreground. To ensure full price transparency, LEXR mainly works with packages and flat fees agreed in advance.

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Legartis is a multi-award winning LegalTech solution for automating contract review. Legal departments, sales organisations and purchasing teams use Legartis’ artificial intelligence to seamlessly analyse incoming contracts.

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