Blockchain Project Tax Support

Address all relevant tax topics of your blockchain project and obtain written confirmation from the tax authorities (tax rulings).

Do not get surprised by large tax bills

Selling tokens or developing a decentralised business model out of Switzerland is popular. But since many projects contain novel features, they also give rise to many tax questions. We will help you to proactively manage those risks to make sure you are not paying more taxes than you should or are caught off-guard by a large tax bill.  

Challenges we solve

Founders Token Allocation

Founders and team members are often compensated with tokens. Due to the risks involved in the project the value of such tokens might fluctuate immensely and token packages trigger high income taxes for the founders or social security obligations for the project company. We will help you to plan the founder’s and team’s token allocation to optimize taxes. 

Income Tax

Income from token sale is considered taxable revenue in Switzerland. We will help you with the appropriate accounting treatment and make sure your company is not taxed upfront on the profits made by the token sale. Upon request we will also optain a tax ruling to clarify the accounting treatment and the calculation of the corporate income tax.  

Minimize VAT Risks

Many projects in Switzerland are paying freelancers or service companies abroad. Such services are subject to reverse charge VAT in Switzerland, a tax that is often overlooked by founders and their accountants. We help you design your business model in a way that such VAT payments can be recovered to the largest extent possible.  

Income from Decentralised Sources

Income from decentralised sources (e.g. Staking Rewards) are subject to Swiss VAT if the counterparty is deemed to be a Swiss resident. Often it not possible to document that the beneficiaries of such services are not Swiss resident. We will help you to determine appropriate approximation methods to declare your Swiss VAT on such income. 

Flat fee packages

Income Tax Ruling 

CHF 4’000 (excl. VAT)

Flat fee includes:

Budget Template

Support in completing a project budget that can be submitted to the tax authorities

Preparation of a tax ruling to explain the project and obtain confirmation on the accounting and corporate income tax treatment

VAT Ruling 

CHF 4’000 to CHF 8’000 (excl. VAT) – depending on complexity

Flat fee includes:

VAT Token Assessment

VAT Assessment of Business Model, operating income and other income such as staking rewards

Ability to recover Swiss reverse-charge VAT on services received

Founders’ Token Assessment 

CHF 1’500 (excl. VAT)

Flat fee includes:

1h workshop to discuss Founders token plan

Review of legal documents from a tax perspective

Bullet point summary of tax consequences in Switzerland

Note: This package only includes the Swiss treatment. For non-Swiss Founders and we can either make an introduction to a local expert or support you with the coordination of the analysis in various jurisdictions.  


LEXR – the blockchain experts since day one

Legal Expertise: We have worked with our customers for years in the setup of decentralized protocols, blockchain infrastructure and VASPs. Where needed, we help building the bridge to the traditional financial world.

Tech Know-How: Crypto moves notoriously fast. We are personal users of blockchain technology because we are genuinely interested in where the future is heading. We hold tokens, we interact with DeFi, we act as keyholder of the tzBTC and we follow crypto twitter.

Community Voice: We lecture and educate on the intersection of blockchain and legal, we take part in community events, and we are part of the Swiss Blockchain Federation to help shape the future crypto laws in Switzerland.

Some of our clients:

  • Bitcoin Suisse 
  • Tezos 
  • Bitmain 
  • matrixport  
  • Aktionariat 
  • Unix  
  • Gro
  • Ecoo 
  • StakingRewards 
  • Splint Invest

About us

We’re a growing team of 30+ legal professionals. Some of our experts include:

  • 1

    Silvan is our tax counsel. He specialises in corporate taxation of fintech, asset management and crypto and has substantial experience in the setup of investment funds, management companies, banks and structured ICOs, stable coins as well as more traditional financial instruments. 

    Silvan Amberg, Tax Counsel 

  • 2

    Flurin assists companies in regulatory and corporate matters, focusing on issues in Blockchain, DLT, Digital Assets, and FinTech. He particularly supports businesses in tokenizing their shares. 

    Flurin Albonico, Junior Legal Counsel 

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