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Generate a compliant DPA tailored to your needs

Generate a free Data Processing Agreement (DPA) for your personal data transfers. Compliant with the EU GDPR and the Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP), easy-to-use, fast and free.

European Commission template

The DPA is based on the draft provided by the European Commission and has been adjusted and reviewed by multiple data privacy experts for Swiss law and best practices.

Fast and flexible process

Our LEXR Bridge document generator guides you through the process. You have the option to choose the LEXR Standard legal clauses or select your specific detailed preferences.

Perfectly formatted, editable MS Word file

You will receive a perfectly formatted MS Word file that can be edited and used for further processing, no registration required.

Benefits of using the DPA Generator

Significantly reduced time to draft the DPA

Faster closure for deals due to quick turnaround

No copy paste errors in the contract

Legal certainty through EU-commission template as basis

No registration required


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The experts behind the DPA Generator

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    Max combines expertise in Swiss commercial law, a talent for simplifying complex issues, and a profound interest in digital infrastructure. With his notable experience as in-house counsel, Max is excellently suited for analyzing your processes and making LEXR Bridge work for you.

    Maximilian Krähenbühl, CTO & Legal Expert

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