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Aktionariat's blockchain platform simplifies issuing and trading tokenized shares, with transparent and secure record-keeping.

Nicola Plain, CEO of Aktionariat talks to us about the startups’ mission and vision, the benefits of tokenized shares as well as the collaboration and partnership with LEXR and the future of the company.

What is your mission and vision?

Our vision is a new world of more inclusive capitalism and our mission is to provide a technical solution that allows thousands of companies to create a market for their shares in an easy, secure and affordable way. This will unlock a new asset class for retail investors known as private equity.


Tell us about your platform – how should people use it to get the most out of it?

Our platform not only provides an easy and affordable way to offer shares of your company to the public, but it also offers numerous advantages over the traditional Initial Public Offering (IPO) process. In contrast to the lengthy and expensive IPO process, our tools enable a significantly faster and more cost-effective approach. In addition to that, a company can actively engage its stakeholders by inviting them to become co-owners and fostering a sense of shared ownership among its supporters.

Our platform also offers the flexibility to be used for internal purposes as well. This means that companies can utilize our tools to efficiently manage shares among internal stakeholders. Whether it’s for employee stock ownership plans, incentivizing key personnel, or facilitating corporate restructuring, our platform caters to the diverse needs of any company.


What are the benefits of tokenizing your shares?

Tokenized shares are significantly easier to transfer than traditional shares. The transfer of shares from one shareholder to another does not require any physical signatures either. The transaction recorded on the blockchain alone is sufficient to ensure its legal validity. The transparency provided by the blockchain enables the detection of transactions and facilitates automatic updates to the shareholder registry of these companies. In summary, tokenized shares offer a much more efficient trading experience than traditional shares, surpassing even those listed on a stock exchange in terms of efficiency.


You have gone through the process of share tokenization yourself – tell us about it, and what are some key points that interested companies should know before tokenizing their shares?

Don’t tokenize your shares, unless you want to increase the transferability of the shares. If you have a small number of shareholders who want to keep their shares, traditional shares will do the job. So the first thing to ask yourself is, what do I want to do with my shares? If you want to raise funds, trade the shares, or use them for employee participation then tokenized shares provide a lot of value.


What do you appreciate most about working together with LEXR?

The cooperation between Aktionariat and LEXR in the field of tokenized shares has been very effective from day one. Aktionariat provides advanced technological solutions, while LEXR offers a legal framework and all consulting services for a successful tokenization. 

LEXR handles all legal steps needed for the tokenization of our client’s shares. Their professionalism and responsiveness have contributed to a smooth and efficient process for the startups and SMEs that are eager to use the blockchain technology in their daily business. Thanks to LEXR we can ensure compliance with regulations, so our customers can capitalize on the benefits of tokenized shares.

What I want to add about LEXR is that it truly is, the law firm for tech companies. LEXR is all about the people and a real brand. It doesn’t matter who you talk to, the experience with LEXR is as seamless as it gets, transparent and always excellent. This feels like you have access to the same, expert knowledge, skill and empathy in every interaction with them. In addition to that they’re always on the lookout for the latest trends and developments. It’s amazing to see how they’re one step ahead and help you with important details you wouldn’t have spotted otherwise.


How do you see the future of tokenized shares?

Tokenized shares will become the standard. The reason for this is that it won’t matter anymore where you keep your shares—Migros Bank, UBS, or even in your own custody. With tokenized shares, you can switch between these different custody solutions in a matter of seconds. What’s more, there’s no need for a middleman. This means that you can transact even large amounts of assets without having to rely on a clearing house, for example. All in all, using tokenized assets is not only faster and more efficient, but also much more secure – a win-win for all parties involved.


Where do you see Aktionariat in the future and what are your next goals?

Our vision is that everyone will be able to invest in any company they believe in. We will achieve this by enabling all companies to sell their shares online. The short term goal is to make the onboarding process smoother and the investing experience more user-friendly through our app.


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