Startup Lawyer & Notary

St. Gallen, 60-100%

If you’re an ambitious legal professional holding a St. Gallen notary authorization and are passionate about transforming the way legal solutions are delivered, then this is for you. 

Forget stiff legal offices. Working with LEXR means being part of a modern, motivated and inclusive team. We’re a team of 30+ legal, tech and business professionals dedicated to designing new and innovative legal solutions, re-thinking legal delivery and creating a better user experience for businesses. We are now looking for a motivated and hungry self-starter with the work ethic, passion and grit to take on the challenge of building a better future for lawyers and customers alike. 

What you will be doing
  • Advisor to entrepreneurs and high-growth startups: As a trusted advisor to entrepreneurs and decision-makers, you will provide fast-growing startups and established companies with the expertise and counsel they need to achieve their vision, from incorporation to financing rounds to successful exits.
  • Notary: You will be responsible for developing our notary practice, focused exclusively on corporate law matters, with the goal of building Switzerland’s most efficient and modern notary office.   
  • Expert: You will further develop your core expertise, be it in corporate, contracts or litigation and any other field relevant for high growth startups. 
  • Leader: We encourage personal growth by building leadership skills in real-world settings. You will learn how to lead projects and manage multi-disciplinary teams. 
  • Business (wo)man: You will spot growth opportunities, develop new products and help extend LEXR’s customer base through marketing and business development activities. 
What is required
  • Experience: It’s essential that you have an excellent academic track record and can demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of legal issues, and a strong grasp of corporate topics is an advantage.  
  • Growth mindset: We’re looking for lawyers that see opportunities despite being trained to focus on risks – strike the right balance and be driven for continuous personal and professional growth.  
  • Attention to detail: Providing actionable legal advice and accurate notarizations goes much farther than reciting the law. At LEXR, we dig deeper and work harder to provide the best solutions to our customers, which requires diligence and attention to the minutiae of every case.  
  • Business sense: We advise entrepreneurs and established corporations. To provide actionable and valuable legal advice to businesses, you need to have a basic understanding of how the business world works. 
  • Team spirit: You will be working side by side with customers and team members alike. You are humble, positive, open, and enjoy getting to know what makes people tick. 
  • IT affinity: We are 99% digital and constantly test out new tools to improve our work environment and customer experience. Proficiency in MS Office is a must; any additional IT skills are a plus. 
  • Fluent German and English: You will be working with both local and international customers, but most matters will pertain to the Swiss market, for which you need to be fluent in German. 
What you will get
  • Exciting work: We do much more than automating the mundane part of legal. You will advise the high-growth companies of the future and work directly with the entrepreneurs and decision-makers. 
  • Become an entrepreneur: We don’t believe in micro-management. Every LEXR team member is encouraged to take ownership of their work, bring in their own ideas, and have a positive impact.  
  • Team spirit and open structures: When you join LEXR, you become part of a driven, self-motivated, stimulating and welcoming team that works together to achieve amazing things. We foster comradery with regular team events and trips to startup hubs (we’ve already been to Lisbon, Tel Aviv, Berlin, Swiss alps and Ticino). Also, expect your voice to be heard from day one and flat hierarchies. 
  • Competitive pay: You will receive a competitive salary package, starting at CHF 120’000.  
  • Flexibility: For notary tasks, a physical presence in St. Gallen is required. However, we recognize and promote the value of flexibility in today’s work environment.While the primary work location is in St. Gallen, there will be opportunities for workations and remote work that are coordinated with your colleagues. We also provide state-of-the-art offices in Zurich, Lausanne, and Berlin for other roles within the organization, as well as a fully digitized work infrastructure. This flexibility allows you to vary work hours and work environment where possible, making it particularly well-suited for part-time engagement and for re-entry into the workforce after motherhood.  
  • Training and development: A legal career is all about continuously striving to learn, grow and get better. We invest in our people with regular training sessions and courses that encourage them to thrive.  

Apply for this job by sending your CV to [email protected] or using the form below. 

The application process

Forget stiff legal offices. Working with LEXR means being part of a modern, motivated and inclusive team.

How we hire

Our legal services are based on transparency and respect, so why shouldn’t our hiring process be too?
Hiring is a mutual process, which is why we give you a real insight into our values, culture, and how we work from the off. Remember, you’re interviewing us as well.

Master the basics

Legal work requires diligence, logical thinking and verbal reasoning skills. To test these basics, every candidate that matches the profiles we’re looking for completes a quick online test.

Getting to know each other

Chat with your potential team head, plus a LEXR team member to find our whether the role and environment fits to you and the future you envision for yourself.

Show us what you can do

Complete a written and oral sample work challenge and show us how you work.


Shortly after completing our hiring steps we’ll let you know whether you get an offer to become part of the team!

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