Junior Legal Counsel Internship

Zurich / St. Gallen / Lausanne, min. 2 months – 100%

You’ve just completed your year as a Junior Associate (Substitut/Anwaltspraktikant) and are looking for a new kind of work experience – either between the written and the oral exam or before you start preparing for the written exam as the date is only nine months in the future ? 

Since more than five years, LEXR is re-inventing the way legal services are delivered. Working with LEXR means being part of a modern, motivated and inclusive team that works with the high-growth companies of the future.  We are a bunch of mad enough professionals that dared to take the leap from a traditional legal career into shaping an exciting future for our customers and ourselves: We are dedicated to designing new and innovative legal solutions, re-thinking legal delivery, and creating a better user experience for tech companies.  

What you get

  • Exciting work and responsibility: Advise cutting edge tech firms and high-growth companies, take on responsibility, have direct contact with clients, draft agreements and manage smaller projects from the start.
  • Opportunity to earn and learn: Deepen your practical legal skills by working alongside experienced lawyers, learn important skills for the oral bar exam thanks to direct client contact, and get the opportunity to top up your funds between exams or work experiences (market salary guaranteed).  
  • Modern workplace & way of working: Forget stiff legal offices – in addition to our state-of-the-art offices in the heart of Zurich and Lausanne, you get the opportunity to work from (almost) anywhere. The latest hardware equipment, quick feedback loops, productivity, and team apps, plus efficient processes and automation ensure ways of working meet the standards of a tech company, not an old-school law firm.
  • Ambitious and innovative team: Become part of a driven, self-motivated, stimulating, and welcoming team that works together to achieve amazing things and has the approach to make things easier if they are more complicated than they need to be. 
  • Teamwork: Starting the day with a daily kick-off call, each team member knows what’s on the plate today and what the others are up to. Ideas are always welcome, and your voice will be heard from day one. The team will always be happy to discuss challenging questions in order to find the best answers,

What is required

  • Completion of Junior Associate Year: You’re about to complete or have already completed your Junior Associate year as part of your Bar exam preparation.  
  • Experience in: Corporate Law Ideally, you have worked in corporate law, are familiar with shareholders’ agreements and when you think of terms like liquidation preference, your first thought is not your bank account during your time at university.
  • Curiosity & growth mindset: We’re looking for legal minds that see opportunities despite being trained to focus on risks – strike the right balance and be driven for continuous personal and professional growth.
  • Fluency in German/French & English: You will be working with both local and international clients, but most matters will pertain to the Swiss market, for which you need fluent French or German skills. 


The application process

Forget stiff legal offices. Working with LEXR means being part of a modern, motivated and inclusive team.

How we hire

Our legal services are based on transparency and respect, so why shouldn’t our hiring process be too? Hiring is a mutual process, which is why we give you a real insight into our values, culture, and how we work from the off. Remember, you’re interviewing us as well.

Getting to know each other

Chat with LEXR HR or a LEXR team member who already works in the position you’ve applied for. This is the best way of finding out whether the role is right for you.

Show us what you can do

Complete a sample work challenge or give a presentation to the team to show us how amazing you are.

Final interview

Meet the team, ask interesting questions and see how we’d all work together.


Shortly after the interview, we’ll let you know whether we’d like you to join the team.

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