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Last Updated 21/10/2022

You did a workation in South Africa – what were your highlights?

South Africa is a truly exceptional country.  It offers an interesting mixture of cultures and a great variety of options when it comes to food, travel destinations, and experiences. However, it is also a country of great differences and inequalities. One of the highlights is definitely the wonderful nature. Even when staying in Cape Town, it is not far away from the mountains.

During the day I could enjoy the stunning view of Table Mountain and Lion’s head, and climb them after work. From the remote work perspective, one big advantage is that South Africa lies in the same time zone as Switzerland so I didn’t have to change my everyday schedule much.

Where have you worked remotely, and what is important for you when choosing a destination?

Besides South Africa, I did a two-week workation in Scandinavia this summer, and a few weeks in the Czech Republic, where I originally come from. Last but not least, I also spend a few days in our Lausanne office. When deciding where to go, I often end up going to a location to which I have some connection – friends, family members, or just places I like. I also like to do my workations before or after the main tourist season. Like that, I can better explore the destination without being constantly surrounded by huge groups of tourists.

What are your must-haves for remote work?

Obviously, the minimum standard is a computer, headphones, and a good internet connection. When searching for accommodation, my “to-go option” is a private apartment with a working table, a great view, and cool surroundings. A good coffee place with a bakery and restaurant nearby is a great add-on.

What would you recommend to people who want to work remotely from time to time?

I definitely recommend planning a longer stay at one place than you would usually do for a normal holiday. Otherwise, you may end up spending almost all your time in hotels and means of transport. Another important point to consider while planning is your preferred working schedule, habits, and job-related specifics (e.g., if the end of the quarter is the busiest time for you, maybe it is not the best time to go for workation, or at least count with spending a significant amount of time with work-related activities). And of course be prepared, that not everything will work according to the plan you made.

Do you already have plans for the next workation?

Actually, I do. I am currently on my way to the Czech Republic where I plan to spend some time with my family and friends. I also consider spending a week or two in Spain before the end of the year, but I usually plan my trips only a couple of weeks in advance, so we’ll see how it all turns out 😊.

By Lia Isella

Marketing & Operations Project Manager

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