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Last Updated 07/02/2023

Explain what your role at LEXR exactly is and how you found your way into it 

My main focus is contract automation. Max and I essentially build generators that speed up the process of drafting contracts, thus helping everyone at LEXR save time and make fewer mistakes. In other words, we make people’s lives easier! These generators require some programming skills, but in reality I don’t have any academic background in computer science. I’m just a law graduate with a good understanding of technology. I guess I found my way into it because I dislike repeating tasks that can otherwise be automated, so that made me a perfect fit for this role! 

Describe what you do on an average day at LEXR 

I can best describe my average day at LEXR with two words: “problem solving”. Building generators for contracts is basically like translating the legal logic of a document into code. The more complex the document, the harder the translation process. Therefore, this forces me every day to find unique solutions for new problems. At the same time, while coding a new contract, I find myself learning more about unfamiliar domains of law. So, to sum it up, it’s all a blend of legal and tech-oriented tasks. 

What do you like most about being a part of LEXR? 

What is there not to like? I work remotely (which means I choose my own work environment), I have excellent colleagues, my workflow is extremely flexible and at the end of the day my role at LEXR feels very meaningful. It’s always nice to hear colleagues and clients appreciating fast and beautiful delivery of our services. Part of that is thanks to the work that we do at LEXR Tech. 

Technology and law – how do you see the development of these two in the future? 

I’m a big fan of science fiction and futurism so my response might be a bit biased. Everyone knows that technology is becoming all the more important in our lives. The Law is concerned by this in two ways: from a regulatory point of view, there are many new aspects of our lives that need to be addressed; from a more practical point of view, lawyers need to educate themselves on how technology works at a very deep level. I deem both equally important, and in fact I consider it imperative that jurists adapt to the challenges posed by new technologies. 

By Lia Isella

Marketing & Operations Project Manager

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