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Last Updated 25/01/2023

You studied law, now you’re leading the tech side of LEXR – how did you find out that this is what you want to do? 

I always enjoyed the matter of law more from a philosophical than a practical perspective and taking responsibility for the technology that serves and enables LEXR appeals to the tinkerer in me. Admittedly, I am sometimes astonished about where my career took me, although in hindsight, my current role is simply the result of my interests that I was able to pursue at LEXR. 

What are some of your tasks, and what does a typical day look like for you?  

You could say that I currently oversee every aspect of technology that builds the digital rails for our lawyers to deliver their services. So, a typical day contains a little bit of it all: from coding automations and updating servers to coordinating software development and down to setting up our new members with the necessary licenses and permissions. However, as LEXR continues to grow fast, so does my role change, which adds an extra element of excitement. 

What were some of your highlights, and what do you appreciate most about working at LEXR? 

My greatest highlight must be that I get to work with wonderful people who love what they do, strive to excel, and thereby inspire me to do the same. What I appreciate most about working at LEXR is that I have the room and support to grow, while being able to live and work in the rhythm that suits me best. Also, like any proper tech company, we try, fail, learn, and try again. This process, allowing everyone involved to grow wiser and amass experience, seems hard to get for a lawyer anywhere else. 

How do you see the future of LEXR regarding the tech/automation side? 

Our ambitions about what we can deliver to our clients and our employees have always been big. The more LEXR grows, the more opportunities I see to make use of our scale and weight and expand our tech infrastructure in new directions. Time (and our stakeholders) will tell how LEXR services will look like in the future, but I want to see LEXR not only as one of the greats in law, but also in tech someday.

By Lia Isella

Marketing & Operations Project Manager

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