Junior Associate Insights – Klara

Last Updated 31/07/2023

From opening to closing your laptop – what’s a typical day for you at LEXR?

Our daily team meeting takes place at 9 am. I like to take an extra 15 minutes before the meeting to get an overview of new emails and to update my To-Do list and calendar. After the team meeting, I get right to work. Typically, this involves drafting various contracts, adjusting clauses, or conducting other tasks that arise in the context of financing rounds. In my field, tasks often come in at short notice but must be completed relatively quickly. That’s why I always try to leave a little buffer in the calendar so that I have enough time for these tasks. The morning generally goes by in a flash. During the lunch break, I like to explore the culinary highlights of Langstrasse. After that, I continue with the tasks, write emails, and participate in calls. In between, I get a coffee or two. Before I close my laptop in the evening, I clean up my email inbox and turn off all work-related notifications on my phone.

Which team are you working with, and what does collaboration look like?

I work in the corporate team and deal primarily with start-ups, financing rounds, or PSOP/ESOP. Since most of my team members are in the Lausanne office or spread somewhere else around the globe, we have a virtual meeting every day at 9 am to discuss our tasks. During the day, we usually do individual check-ins. That works great.

What would you recommend to others when selecting a law firm for their Junior Associate year?

I would start by asking myself what I want from a law firm and where my interests lie. If you are, for example, interested in tech companies, you may look for law firms that focus on this industry. You may also ask yourself which law firm will most likely meet your needs. If you are a big home office fan or like flexibility, you may try to find a law firm that offers this option. However, most importantly, listen to your gut: How did you feel during the application process and the interviews? Would you be genuinely happy to receive an offer from that particular law firm?

What’s still on your goals bucket list during your time at LEXR?

I want to improve my knowledge and then be able to lead (demanding) client calls on my own.

By Lia Isella

Marketing & Operations Project Manager

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