Junior Associate Insights – Daniel

Last Updated 31/01/2024

Daniel, a former LEXR intern, has made his comeback as a Junior Associate. Armed with a Master’s degree and a treasure trove of experiences since his internship days, Daniel shares his reasons for returning, insights about working in the Contract & IP team, the skills he’s picked up, and his observations on how LEXR has grown and changed over time. 

Daniel, what motivated you to return to LEXR as a Junior Associate after your first internship experience?

Having had a superb internship experience, returning to LEXR was a natural choice. The positive environment, great colleagues, and exciting work made it clear this was where I wanted to be. I enjoyed working with the existing team and was confident I’d appreciate working with the new faces too.

What’s it like to be part of LEXR’s contract & IP team?

Being part of LEXR’s Contract & IP team is truly dynamic, we adapt quickly to new developments in the market and always anticipate the needs of our clients. It’s intriguing to shape the various relationships our clients have with their partners, from inception to completion. Working on a variety of projects allows me to tackle many different challenges from A-Z; I am not just a cog in the machine focusing on one specific task without ever seeing the big picture.

What specific skills have you gained during your time(s) at LEXR?

My time at LEXR has significantly enhanced my ability to understand businesses’ needs and translate them into effective commercial contracts. This experience has given me valuable insight into how to align legal solutions with the practicalities of running a business; I’ve honed skills that bridge legal theory and business reality. I’ve also learned how to integrate new software to ensure faster and more efficient delivery of legal services.

How has LEXR as an organization evolved in your view since your first internship experience?

Just a few years ago, I started my internship with a team of three people working around a kitchen table. Today, I’ve seen healthy, organic growth to an international company with over 30 employees, and LEXR has become a household name with a strong reputation, offering services in many areas of law, business, and finance and achieving even faster delivery of its expertise.

What qualities and attributes should someone possess to thrive in LEXR’s work environment and culture today? 

In LEXR’s dynamic culture, open-mindedness and a strong service orientation are key. Embracing new ideas and methods, collaborating with colleagues, and focusing on our clients’ needs are fundamental aspects of succeeding in this innovative work environment. For those who take advantage of the opportunity to work almost entirely from home, a proactive and self-driven attitude is especially important. 

By Lia Isella

Marketing & Operations Project Manager

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