Junior Associate Insights – Andrin

Last Updated 14/11/2023

Which team are you working with and what does a typical day look like for you at LEXR?

I am part of the FinTech & Blockchain Team, where I advise companies on matters regarding blockchain, DLT, digital assets and FinTech. My typical day begins with updating my to-do list and checking my e-mails. I have a check-in call with my supervisor about three times a week, during which I can ask questions, receive new assignments, and get them explained in detail. For the rest of the morning, I focus on client work, such as drafting legal memos, contracts, incorporation documents, and internal guidelines. After lunch, I continue with client work, answering emails, and taking part in client calls.   

How did you hear about LEXR and why did you choose us for your internship year?

I heard of LEXR through a colleague who highlighted the firm’s reputation in the field of FinTech and blockchain. The flexibility, modern approach, and the fascinating work LEXR is undertaking were all decisive factors in my choice. Given my interest in the intersection of technology and law in general, and crypto regulation in particular, the wide range of blockchain related services LEXR is providing attracted me early on. The blockchain technology presents numerous intriguing legal questions, and LEXR is at the forefront of addressing these issues while providing value for its clients. As I was looking for an early hands-on experience in this field, I immediately decided to start my journey with the FinTech & Blockchain team at LEXR.

Who would you recommend the LEXR Junior Associate Programme to?

I would recommend the LEXR Junior Associate Programme to aspiring lawyers who are passionate about law and technology. This program provides an excellent opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a modern law firm operating on this exciting intersection.

Finally, what is your biggest goal that you’d like to achieve during your time at LEXR?

My goal is to develop a good understanding of Swiss legal practices in the FinTech and blockchain industry and of the European Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation (MiCA).

By Lia Isella

Marketing & Operations Project Manager

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