Junior Associate Insights – Alexander

Last Updated 11/01/2023

Describe what you do on an average day at LEXR

The day starts with you reading your emails and messages and checking what tasks you will be working on that day. Even if you aren’t in the office, LEXR makes sure you always know what you have to do, and a colleague or partner of LEXR is always available to help you if needed. Once you have started your day, you will probably work on one, two, or a maximum of three tasks in the morning, depending on whether you have calls or on whether the legal tasks are difficult. You might be drafting a contract, doing legal research, or maybe having a client call. You usually always have time for a proper lunch and a quick coffee to prepare your afternoon properly. Then you carry on working and might have another client call or maybe two. You might have to call a commercial registry, or one of your colleagues might contact you for assistance. You might also have nothing else but your main tasks to focus on. In the end, you always end your day having learned and accomplished a lot.

What do you like most about working at LEXR and why?

LEXR understands the importance of a lawyers’ work today, but also that a lawyers’ work is not everything and that a lawyer is, in fact, a person who might have hobbies, a family, or even a pet to look after once office hours are over. As a person with lots of passions outside of my work life, I feel LEXR allows me and even encourages me to find a healthy work-life balance.

What skills do you think are most important for this role?

A junior associate must be detail-oriented and work well under pressure as this job is extremely rewarding but can be a handful if you are not ready for it.

What is your biggest personal goal you’d like to achieve during your time at LEXR?

My biggest goal would be to help LEXR grow during my time there and hopefully acquire all the skills to pass the bar.

By Lia Isella

Marketing & Operations Project Manager

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