Maximilian Krähenbühl

CTO & Legal Expert*

As LEXR’s link between law and technology, Max strives to enable his colleagues with the tools to deliver efficiently, reliably, and qualitatively. He is an expert on financial market regulation and supports our clients in their fiat or crypto-related endeavors.

Max’s motivation stems from a passion for exposing himself to new circumstances and taking them as a foundation for unbiased exploration. He also draws from the conviction that lawyers can be business enablers by creating a stable foundation for innovation and growth – an insight gained at a Zug-based fund manager, where Max acted as legal counsel before joining LEXR in 2019.

Max is at the beach when he’s not in the mountains and enjoys exploring new destinations, activities, and culinary experiences with his family. Whenever he finds time in between, he quenches his thirst for knowledge with coding projects and scientific reading.

* not registered at the bar