Maja Rajic

Junior Legal Counsel*

Maja joined LEXR’s IP and contracts team as a Junior Legal Counsel in 2022 and she assists clients and the team in the field of tech contract law, intellectual property, and data protection. She enjoys collaborating with startups, crafting tailored solutions for their tech and innovative businesses.

Before joining LEXR, Maja led multiple impactful projects for a youth INGO in Brussels, spearheading an international advocacy campaign on law and technology, among other projects.
Her journey includes earning a master’s degree in law and digital economy from the University of Strasbourg, which gave her valuable insights into French and European startup ecosystem and gave her the opportunity to publish multidisciplinary papers on arts & tech and European data spaces. Outside the legal realm, Maja is diving into front-end development, delivering soft skills training and is learning more about legal design.

In her free time, you can find her in a Zumba class, long walk listening to the newest tech/environment-related podcasts or trying out new vegan recipes.

* not registered at the bar