Data Protection for Apps

Data protection for Apps

Navigating privacy questions when introducing an app can be a challenge. The Google Play Store and the Apple App stores set strict rules about what your app must disclose regarding its privacy settings. In most cases, you cannot simply mirror your website’s privacy policy as data processing in an app work differently from the one on your website. Our experts help you deal with the basic privacy-related topics regarding your app, providing guidance and support throughout the publishing process 

Benefits of a LEXR App Privacy Package

Expert advice from legal counsels on EU-GDPR and new Swiss FADP-compliance and best practices
Deliverables tailored to your apps needs on a risk-based approach
Fast implementation timeline with regular updates and guidance

What is included 

Our app privacy package is tailor-made to your app’s needs, making it the right package for those starting their journey and who want to successfully launch their app while ensuring a basic compliance level with the EU and Swiss data protection standards and app stores privacy regulations. 

Included in the package are:  

  • A 30-minute workshop with our legal experts to jointly analyze the need for changes and obtain all the information necessary to draft the document; 
  • Draft of a privacy policy specifically for your app including sensitive topics such as tracking; 
  • Additionally, we will provide you with a practical LEXR guideline on how to comply with Google Play and Apple Store’s privacy regulations, considering special topics like the use of sensitive data (e.g. health data, geo-locations or bank details) or vulnerable data subjects like children. 
  • 30-minute final meeting to clarify any questions; 

Flatfee: EUR 650 (excl. VAT)  

Additional privacy services

Our privacy expert also assist in the entire app development lifecycle, from privacy by design and default advice when developing a new app to ongoing support with privacy questions and customer requests. Get in touch with our privacy specialists to learn more or browse our additional other services here:   


About us

We’re a growing team of 30+ legal professionals. Some of our experts:

  • 1

    Christian is an entrepreneur and lawyer with a focus on the intersection between technology and law. He regularly speaks, publishes and advises on blockchain-related topics and is specialized in financial market regulation. 

    Christian Meisser, CEO & Legal Expert

  • 2

    Sebastian advises on the comprehensive implementation of national and international data protection regulations as well as on the implementation of future regulations in the digital field. He is particularly interested in international data transfers and new technologies such as AI. 

    Sebastian Schneider, Head of Privacy & Digital Regulation, Legal Expert 

  • 3

    Julia is an expert in data protection law and advises companies on all aspects of implementing existing and future regulations in the digital sector, as well as on employment law issues. 

    Julia Peidli, Senior Legal Counsel 

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