Data Protection Essentials

The easy, fast, and affordable way to implement data protection essentials.

Pragmatic compliance at your fingertips

Get the expertise you need

Whether you operate a webshop or are a startup or SME that wants a pragmatic best-practice approach to data protection compliance, we have industry-tailored essential packages that match what you need.

Boost customer trust

Increase the trust of customers and business partners by having the required data compliance measures in place. Handle incoming requests of data subjects with confidence.

Get peace of mind

Knowing that the essential data protection requirements are fulfilled can lift a large burden off an entrepreneur’s shoulder. No more fear of fines or reputational damage.

Benefits of implementing data privacy essentials

Prepare for the GDPR and the upcoming Swiss FADP.

Understand your company’s data flows thanks to the LEXR Bridge Data Mapping Tool.

Identify risk areas and receive tailored actionable advice.

Implement best-practice policies for a business of your size and industry.

…All this with a pragmatic, hands-on approach that puts your business first. 

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The Essentials Package in a nutshell

  1. 1

    Workshop with our experts

  2. 2

    Data mapping using our LEXR Bridge tool

  3. 3

    Analysis of your company’s risks

  4. 4

    Drafting of the required policies

  5. 5

    Implementation of the data protection measures

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